Re: Dual Mellee´s - fast or slow Mainhand?

Many people champion fast offhands but testing that has been done has shown that it doesn't catch up to Left Axe damage until about 18-20 consistent swings. I champion a primarily slow offhand. That being said, it can get more complicated, especially considering mainhand speeds and growth rates.

Here's how I run all of my dual wielding characters;

fast mainhand/slow offhand - for landing the initial style in a chain with a low to medium growth rates
slow mainhand/slow offhand - used up in follow-up styles that have medium to high growth rates

One exception: on my Hib characters ONLY for the side chain (Icestorm etc.) I use the slow/slow for the first hit and slow/slow for the follow-ups because the initial growth rate on Ice Storm is better than most other positional styles.
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Re: Dual Mellee´s - fast or slow Mainhand?

for all classes except rangers you want slow main and fast offhand
for rangers with high PF/high dmg add and low cd spec its slightly better to have a slow offhand and a mainhand you can reach 1.5s swingspeed
if you want high cd spec on ranger and charge a DA then you want to go with fast offhand slow mainhand too