Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

I'll take my 1 min name change that costs nothing vs your 3 videos about me any time ;) again, take your happy pills /rant out before devs lock this thread cus a little kid can't admit when he lied.

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Loki wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:25 am
I'll take my 1 min name change that costs nothing vs your 3 videos about me any time ;) again, take your happy pills /rant out before devs lock this thread cus a little kid can't admit when he lied.
I lied? :joy: good one. It is cute how u've been practically silent the last 3 months after getting caught with your pants down about being 'up to solo me anytime' and proceeding to do anything but ;) or this weird Phibe lie, that was fun. Now you've got one clean kill on me you're on the forums going bananas. Tell me more about fragile egos. Please. In the last 3 months you have killed me in such a manner precisely once, I put it in the last video and congratulated you.

Dont get it twisted, if you didnt have such a fetish for me I wouldnt think twice about you, and I dont mind saying you're actually a pretty good fight now you've respecced, you still make a lot of mistakes, but you hit pretty hard. I just find the funny side in it and enjoy making the vids. Also its clear you cant really be reasoned with given all the bananas lies, so the videos kinda help keep you a little more grounded in reality.

Although if you’re celebrating victories vs me unbuffed, or with purge down when you have bladeturn, absorb buff and damage add (dont think i dont know), then we know where we stand.

As a wise man once said.
Loki wrote:
Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:26 pm
It doesnt take a skilled assassin to kill someone without a purge,
<3 You do make life hard for yourself.
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Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Well I have no idea about this long feud cuz i have no interest in stealth community, but what's wrong with respec?
You guys need to chill, or rather have a quarrel by pm.

Repec is.... nothing.
You just make a RA plan, and then if it doesn't work as you expected, you respec and try another spec.
Actually nothing to be ashamed of.

I have just scrolled down whenever you guys were talking shit about each other, but this is literally never-ending.

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Lemme explain then ... This person , playing a nightshade , teamed up with an infil and convinced a SM to ask a SB (me ) for help regarding enemies near Glen docks, just so that he can pop a Stealth Lore pot and wait to jump me while the SM disengages . And he considered that worthy of putting it on YouTube :joy: no doubt the SM was a "fan" , thats great "content" right there . And I have proof for all of this :D :D
I'd say this is a deep psychological problem, this person doesn't like being challenged by anyone or dismissed, so he retaliates by trying to make as many people hate on that person as possible :) It's pretty petty and narrow-minded, guess he gets validation from reading up on hate targeting one person, but its more of a sign of cowardice .

Asa for lying , you lied ... You saw the stealther thread, you saw Zoric say Im Undacover , you even quoted Mavella's post right underneath Zoric's . You fought me on bridge and used Phibe (who was heavily buffed by Keepy's group that was roaming around ) to fight me only when I had purge down. I dont mind yoloing when its several people but I feel like if you're gonna clip that, clip something honest. I eventually ended up making more RPs than you and Phibe together and was saddened that Phibe rage quit and you stopped showing up. Which part of this is a lie ? It's all 100% true . You were frustrated and you hated my guts from Discord where I laughed at you making the dumbest statement about SBs possible. And from there you kept lying and you let everyone jump in and mock me because you were too much of a wuss to stop them and admit I am right. Yeah, I trashed your video post only because you let everyone interfere while you didn't say a word. You made your bed . From there you kept doubling down as if NSs have this big problem with SBs and all that crap that any decent sneak on this server would laugh at. Or as if killing me suddenly invalidates the fact that you are insane, quite literally.

As for the other crappy excuses that you barf each day, dont gimme the "I was unbuffed and my purge was down" excuse, I'm not your secretary and dont have to tell you when to buff up. You should know enough to pot up when you go out in RvR, after all you kill unbuffed lowbies by the dozen in Uppland and on the way to PoC. And you took that line out of context as per usual, yes killing a sneak that doesnt have Purge up doesn't require skill - I never said the fight was particularly skillful. And me personally, I don't record my easy fights (with few exceptions :joy: )But if you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too . Also, I dont have buff bots. Thats bannable , ask Brommando . If you know it, report me ...or shut up (you dunno what you're talking about as per usual).

And my spec, lmao ... you think an extra 40 dmg every 4 seconds from Viper 5 is the secret ? Initially you didn't even say anything than respec, then you analyzed some fights and came up with this conclusion - RA respec. You really dunno jack shiet about SBs do ya . I suppose you dont need to, devs got you a nice set of training wheels.

My main point is this - you are thin skinned ... You made what 3-4 videos about me ? Show the people one fight where you lost, and dont gimme that crap about the "one time" bla bla where you still make yourself look nice and humble , you pull these numbers out of your arse anyway . Let me guess , whats the score now ? 40 to 2 ? Amazing, what a player.

Prove you're not thin skinned, show the dock fight where you thought I would never show up cus I just purged . Show it here on the forums , and maybe I wont show the more than dozen vanishes vs me (see Tani, unlike me, Vanishes on PA while I still try to put up a fight, makes for more fun than hitting one button ) and the insanely EZ fights I have had vs you recently.

You won't .

End of story.

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Freedomcall wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:24 pm
nononono, PLEASE continue! this is kinda fun.
cheers ♥
swingin the hammer again!
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Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Loki wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:18 pm
Saroi wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:48 am
Hell no. This is the best entertaining here.
Well, you did delete your SB, went back to live and then came back . Your taste in entertainment is questionable at best.
Not really sure where you get your facts about me because I never talked to you. I didn't go back to live after I deleted. I already tested live while I was playing on phoenix and stopped it before I deleted.
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