Traitor Flag

Each time you stand around a fight without helping your mates, your traitor flag is increased by one if your mate dies.
Once the traitor flag is at 10, your realm mates may kill on sight.
Traitor flag decreases each time you help a realm mate in fight.

In DAoC, we are at war, I have friends playing other realms but if we meet they are KoS or should be.
If I let them live as they kill one of my realm mate, I'm a traitor and at one point it should be public knowledge.

I assume it would be pretty hard to implement but I like the idea so if it's not that hard maybe this could had some fun.

Re: Traitor Flag

Now that I can stand behind. I would love to be able to flag your group as independent realm and be able to kill everyone. I mean since they won’t adjust the realm timer to the population this would be the next best thing. Specially since it appears people are starting to come to hib to dodge.

Re: Traitor Flag

The "add" concept is an inventive way to say leave my RPs alone (at least in 80% of the cases).
Three realms at war, red is an enemy, why in hell would you let a red kill a realm mate ?
Only in DAoC such a treacherous concept has evolved into some glorious bullshit ...

Re: Traitor Flag

So, if Im just stood somewhere as a stealther and a smallman group of my realm gets jumped by a full group from another realm within my clip range you expect me to suicide on the enemy group? because that is what I would be doing in the vast majority of cases. And you suggest I should suffer a penalty if I dont perform this act of self sacrifice?