How to pay rent?

I have a house on mid and alb and it would be nice not to have to log on to the other realm to pay rent. So I'm wondering if there are alternative ways to pay rent for our houses.

Re: How to pay rent?

Ybeor wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:02 pm
Will the rent be deducted from my merchant automatically? I keep hearing conflicting stories regarding whether this works or not, some say they have lost their house and possessions.
i am quite certain that it will, even if we have not had proof delivered yet.

a) devs say that it should be working now

b) one dude on the forum has claimed it worked for him

c) Someone from my guild hasn't played in months and yet his 100p house just recently got demolished (it was directly besides me). Unless he always logged in to pay rent (which i doubt because of other reasons about contacting him) then his rent was paid from his merchant

Re: How to pay rent?

I was receiving a message when I logged on that said my house will be repossessed in 1 day even though there was several plat on my merchant. If the money for rent will be deducted from my merchant then it would be nice to have that verbiage added to the repo message. It's my understanding that if our house is repossessed we will lose everything inside the house and everything on our merchant... Not a risk I'm willing to take while receiving the repo message.

Re: How to pay rent?

The CM does pay the rent for you, if it has sufficient funds at the moment the rent is due.
You will keep seeing the "rent due" message/popup, even if your CM has enough money - this is just a hint that your lockbox is empty and the rent imminent, simply because your CM does have finite money too.

Also note that you see the "rent due" message too, if your private house has sufficient funds in the lockbox, but your guild house not - in that case the message is for your guild house; applies only if you are eligible to pay the guild house rent.
- Ashok, GM Lead