Re: Fiar groupability since the nerfs?

Friars can be fine as support roll.
But imo (i already played Friar in 8v8 grps and also cleric in 8v8 grps) Friar, since missing pr and instantheals, cant rly replace a second cleric.
Yes, he got buffed alot to be on par with a cleric.
But just simply the fact that he just got 1 instant (Vehement Renewal) instant of 3 (Single,Grp, DI) on the Cleric and the missing option of PR is a downer for Friars in 8v8 situations. He can be a viable Zerghealer, but also then he is missing spreadheal, which is used alot in keepfights. So for zerging 2 Clerics is also better then 1 Friar 1 Cleric comp.
The big bonus friars have is the sidesnare and the Heatresists against Hibcaster grps.
But a Friar is rupted way to easy, which he can't rly compensate.
If you rly wanna play a support class, stick to cleric.

charplan/?class=Friar&level=50&realmRan ... =46&s49=18
is a even better spec, since you keep the big Major Heal, just loosing the red Cold Resists. But since midgard is just running max. 2 Casters, often with just yellow debuff or even without debuff, yellow Cold Resist is enough.