Re: Salvage All Bags Button

So Ashok, what would that look like?
/macro salv1 /salvagebag 1 /u60 /q99 /force ???

That would make a macro named Salv1 that would salvage bag 1 leaving anything at or above 60 utility or 99 quality and the force modifier would make it go through without confirmation?
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Re: Salvage All Bags Button

/salvagebag X u60 q99 force

Would salvage anything your char is capable of in bag X, that's below 60 utility and below 99% quality - without showing any prompt.

You obviously can use it without any additional parameter.
A /salvagebag 1 force would salvage anything in bag 1 without any prompt, regardless of quality and utility.

Use the force parameter with care or you might be ending up salvaging an item you need. :)
- Ashok, GM Lead