SB damage vs infil

I do alright vs most stealthers as it can come down to who evades wins or gets to purge a stun and debuffs. Although I've noticed a trend with some sb's hitting for 130- 150 main hand without crit while at 7L9 i'm hitting them back with perfectly used dual shadows for 50 main hand and as little as 13 off hand (not ablative absorb)
So my question is, what's up with that ?

Re: SB damage vs infil

Sounds like half damage, which is because of ablatives. You should see an ablative absorb message above the mainhand damage-report in combatlog. The offhand is listed immediately afterwards. Filtering or missing that can cause it to "look" like you're doing half damage.

Even then, 50x 2 = 100 mainhand sounds low' ish, depending on weapon-setup and speed. Are you Thrust by any chance?
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Re: SB damage vs infil

I instantly went though the log to check for absorbs and saw none, even if i'm hitting for 80 mh i shouldn't in return take a 150mh hit. Also noticecd with mop7 i'm seing crits for 8 dmg, while again do i rarely see myself taking such a small crit. I can't put my finger on it, it just feels different to how i remember fights going having played alot of stealthers and my mind is telling me to just play a sb because the LA/axe setup seems to be performing really well compared to infils/shades.
Yes, i'm thrust/dw/34cs

Re: SB damage vs infil

okay, no offense please...
sometimes obvious stuff like that really is the problem :P

next obvious things:

do you have your weapons/armor enchanted (aka 35% bonus on them?)

are you using buffpotions

You will probably answer these also positively, especially since you say it only happens VS some SBs but i really don't have another idea why your dmg would be THAT low. Slash would give you slightly higher values, but even with thrust it shouldn't be as low as 50mainhand. Is this issue new? Do you do anything different when fighting SBs (switching to different items/weapons which might have gotten fucked up, and now you are undressing VS SBs or something like that?)

Re: SB damage vs infil

You made me laugh Sepp, yes to all those things (obv)!! :p
Only thing i change is my weaps to apply or re-apply poisons/debuffs and are all enchanted, sc'd etc. Like i said it's only against a few sb's but when you come across them you notice it. Just seems I can go from beast mode to a puny speed bump of rp's and have always competed.
I wish i was better remembering names and I could actually ask them, but as far as i'm concerned there are 3-4 sb's that make me feel like this at times, and it's heart breaking to check the log and realize you was slapping them with a wet fish