Re: Next "Event" Idea

gameandsave wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:11 pm
How about a weekend event where enemy realm chat is enabled, and enemies can talk to each other in the frontier /region chat.
That is going to be very very toxic... i love it....

We will have to roam and kill small mans and solos with our FG just for the lolz and enjoy the shit show.

Re: Next "Event" Idea

Aph wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:28 pm
Or could just go all the way and make a mordred event zone with chat. Mixed groups as well ofc.
I would love a Mordred type event. But they are usually get toxic rather quick simply due to the zergs. Even if they make it so you can only build groups of 3 or 4 the zergs groups still stick together and just roll over everything.

But I am all for it myself, at least it would be interesting.

Re: Next "Event" Idea

well atleast the mid zerg can't spam hammers ^^ On a more serious note i honestly believe the zerg will end up killing eachother. Its easy rps while u fight and none of them have any real relation to eachother anyways! So I dont think zergs will be around at all tbh.. I think a grp or two from the 8v8 community will dominate everything though.. But thats just how it is I suppose.

I loved the first event aswell.. Could make that mordred style at the spot where u buffed before zoning in. Still keeping the group size thing going on:

Solo only zone (for all the people commenting on these forums)
small man zone - could be 3 or 5. Both work great i think.
8v8 zone.

I know some ppl dislike this style of rvr cause its all setup etc, but that first even was sooo funny :) I think I can speak for most people that were in a trio (no fun solo).

Re: Next "Event" Idea

I love how excited for these grand event (or event ideas) people are until they happen.

Since phoenix launch there has not been 1 successful event IMO.

3v3 on lasted about 5hours on day 1 until everyone was bored and only a few 'elite' groups were running around and rest went back to real RvRing.
After the initial rush, you needed the ideal 3 man to go in and have a fighting chance.

1v1 event was similiar, everyone got bored after a few hours and only necros and the strong 1v1 classes remained.

Re: Next "Event" Idea

I don’t see any issues with the first event except no solo zone. Creating a decent trio shouldn’t be a problem? And the duration where everyone are there might just be 5 hours no matter what? That’s still fine for a two day event IMO.

Stop being so negative and just quit if u don’t like it.