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MyCatKevin wrote:
Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:29 pm
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Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:30 pm
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Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:27 am
I must admit that the posts on this forum have made me realize that the problem with DAoC isn’t only DAoC, it’s also the players. This is a post made by someone who is angry that people aren’t playing the game the way he wants it to be played. He’s angry that people are out RvRing and he doesn’t approve of the way they RvR.

The only thing I can reasonably take away from his post is that he’d rather see fewer people out in RvR zones or maybe he would rather see them all running in 8 man groups or maybe solo. We are left only with assumptions because all the original poster did really was cry.

I recognize now that part of the reason DAoC is such a disfuctional mess is not only due to idiots like Mark Jacobs but also due to the players. I always thought that Mythic put overpowered classes/abilities in the game with each new expansion because they wanted to appease their customers with a new carrot. Now I realize that’s true, that it wasn’t due to lack of testing that new overpowered stuff made it into game with each expansion, it was absolutely intentional.

DAoC players will cry and whine for anything and everything which might give them any advantage over their competitors and they aren’t the least bit shy about it. I now wonder what did more damage to the game in the long run, the players or Mythic?
Angry? No. Think it's silly that a 100+ people get together and PvE keeps to make RPs? Yes. Understand the difference. Unless you kill another player no RPs should be made. It's very simple. And my original statement was just that, a statement of facts. There is no debating this. Be it here or on Live EU Hibs love to PvE keeps. Prove me wrong, I'll wait.

Edit: Pilzpower has 7,866,913 RPs. 1,658,640 are from actual kills. 1,480,612 are from tasks. He has almost the same amount of RPs from tasks as he does from actually getting into combat and killing another player..Then take the 4.5 million RPs+ from PvEing doors.
If people are so angry he's making RPs from taking keeps, maybe people should show up and stop him from taking keeps? Looked like it worked pretty well during the NF test.
It's harder to bug abuse with nf keeps
Pilz bg is perma bug abusing lol
Shrooms inside without los
Siege weapons Killing people hiding inside with no windows etc etc

With nf keeps its a lot harder without those perma bug abuse

Re: Hib Euros LOVE to PvE keeps.

Lollie wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:38 am
Crazy suggestion but you could always try defending your keeps?
Crazy answer --- NF allows you to do just that; it would also be nice to actually get a reasonable defense bonus. Example: Defended an OF keep aginst 2x the number of attackers and got way less RP than I did for retaking an empty keep later -- it's mind numbingly stupid; the purpose of the game is NOT to PvE keeps, but to fight PLAYERS for them -- as constructed, OF doesn't allow nor encourage that...there in lies the problem. Population is sufficient, mostly, to allow for great keep fights IF the mechanic is improved; NF, at least, allows a better chance of that.

Re: Hib Euros LOVE to PvE keeps.

I think the larger problem here is that barely anyone tries to mobilize and fight back. It's no secret that mids run TG raids and PVE raids almost religiously at the same times daily, and eventually your lack of presence in RvR will be noted. It was noted and taken advantage of. Then it became a routine.

I have also been in Gorion's bg lately to fight pilz and it has been a lot of fun. Point made that all you need is another force in motion.

This game is also about tactics and strategy. If you don't like what they are doing, just smash the piss out of them with a smart strategy. Maybe like taking DC as mentioned earlier to break all bonus rps granted to them from the number of keeps they own. If DC falls they lose all bonus. This is important to note, because the number one complaint is about how quickly the hibs can take 4 keeps in the same zone.... great, you don't need to respond there, just go form up at it and hold for the hibs. if they don't come for you just don't even take the other keeps back and he will have nothing to do the next day. I still have yet to get a bubble of xp in DF its really not that important of a zone to worry about having REGULAR access to.

Having played both mid and alb now I can say that its really a communication thing. When I played midgard, they literally had the mentality of we will just take them back when he is done. On alb side, there is very little intel from region/broad and albs literally stand at apk for about 30 mins before moving. If you want to defeat a large force, you have to summon another one.

You guys always complain about not being able to fight larger forces but I watch PK farm zergs every day..... so don't say that it can't be done.

any circle of A graded players can run circles around swarms of B and C graded players. Its simply fact. Just get 2 groups of solid players with coordination and its a wrap for pilz.

I do have to agree that the RP Welfare System currently in place does indeed encourage the keep take behavior. I have had several runs in both Mid and Alb where I log with 20K+ rps and maybe 1-3 kills because nobody showed up to defend. That is absolutely BONKERS to receive 20k rps for beating a couple keep doors down and killing 1 enemy in the process.

Maybe make a keep worth rps only once its achieved a certain level and has defenders. To compliment this you should also make it take longer for a keep to upgrade to level 10, like it should take 2 days before max level. This would change the frequency of how often keeps trade hands as well. The whole purpose of keeps is to hold a strategic point on the map as you get closer and closer to a relic attempt. But lets be honest, relics are simply not worth a copper here on this server.

Keep takes should only be amusing, enjoyable, or fun when there are other enemies there to make it interesting. Otherwise its a waste of pom pots, endo pots, combo forces etc etc. Do I do it, yes... only because it would be absolutely stupid to neglect getting these rps when its what everyone else is doing. Do I like it and where my rps come from... absolutely not.

In the end, the devs can put in whatever incentives they want but it will always be up to the players to decide what actually happens with play style on the server. If we remove the rps they very well may still come and take your keeps everyday just because they know it pisses you all off. Just my 2 cents.

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the problem with only giving RPs when keeps are defended is that people will go defend even less...because that gives the enemy RP. Just let them take a few empty keeps for no rewards and they will stop....that will be the best defensive strategy
I also hate the medium to high rewards for circleraiding, but i haven't seen a good solution yet

ands mids "problem" mostly is the emain-zerging mentality. Saturday EU-Prime 90+% of mids were ALWAYS in emain. /u showed me around 130mids in the frontiers, and 110-120 of those were in emain. That didn't change for hours. Our 4man went Albion, just to roam without any inc at all, in Odins we met a hib-duo, and an alb-7man-stealthgroup that we beat the first time, then they camped AMG instead of roaming like they tried before

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The thing that needs to change isn't the task system, but the players on each realm. You need to work on the social aspect of playing a MMO and encourage your fellow players to join up for realm defense / zerg fights / keep takes w/e. Player mentality and regards to other players on their own realm needs to change. Someone needs to be willing to step up and organize / lead.

Hibs have Pilz, Mid had Ein, no clue who was / is on Alb. Now that Ein is on holidays or stopped playing (supposition on my side, as he wasn't on for at least a week+), our alliance stepped up (Quorum) and we've run alliance BG for realm defense / invade / fight enemy BGs with great success, Khroon + Shelena also lead the mids BG this past weekend when we had the epic battles around DC.

The more we move from: I don't care if Pilz is taking my keeps, I'll just go emain to 1v1 / small men / 8m farm task rpers and what not, to let's start a BG and run into pilz and destroy him - or mids or albs w/e your realm is, the more open fights RvR we will have and more fun, bring more peeps that may shy / not bother with "normal" RvR because being low RR or not temped and getting insta gibbed by RR8+ or duos / small / 8m is not fun, the more activity we will have and less pvedoor.

NF will greatly help with that as is easier to defend and takes longer to completely take a Keep (you could prolly flip an entire area in OF in the time you take 1 keep with towers in NF).

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