A general whinery of the avg Phoenix Player


There is something wrong in the community that should cause all of us to take a good look at ourselves.

Phoenix is amazing.

Is it perfect? No.
Do I disagree with some of the things they've done? Yes.
Am I paying the bills/running things? No.
Am I going to continue enjoying the service they provide free of charge? Yes.

This is the attitude we should all adopt.

Instead, there's a general whinery that goes deep within the core of all 3 realms. I'd estimate 20-30% of all players possess this trait. When I first started streaming (I missed the bit about blocked chat), my chat wasn't blocked. I got immediately /appealed. Not saying I wasn't in the wrong... but maybe contact a person first. Since then, I've had people try and appeal me for my stream not being delayed (when I was only in PvE areas). Why can you not just focus on your playing of the game, and enjoy it? Why do you need to look to ruin the experience that other players are having?

The admins made a thread about this when I first started (about /appealing players instead of working things out) and I wondered what they were talking about it. But I have now experienced it in depth.

If you disagree with something... post about it. Have a discussion. It's fine. Nobody said you can't disagree. I openly hate that I have to block my chat on stream- but if the idea is that you aren't going to be listened to... you're wrong. They killed the 10 min timer on stream. AMAZING move. It's also a move that required a great dedication (because it will definitely anger some portion of the population). Even more so, it required changing the rules. You ever see a referee change their call in sports? Nope. Doesn't happen- because people in authority positions learn to trust their instincts and understand they have reasoning. Overturning a ruling requires a lot of reflection and openness.

So, why did I go through the trouble of writing this post? Just because of some stupid streamer BS? No.

Now, I'm seeing it with people upset with being nerfed. People threatening to uninstall. People whining in /advice for an hour at a time. And a lack of constructive posts that make good points against what they're talking about (except the BD nerf, seems to be a decent post about that).

Guys, make your point- and move on. Either play the game- or don't. Why do you need to proclaim how shitty you think things are, and then to tell the world that you're not playing here anymore. It's like standing in front of a McDonald's and saying that you refuse to eat there. What's your angle? Who cares?

You have a chance to not only enjoy an amazing game for free, but to make it even better. Please pull up your panties, and do the right thing.

And for God's sake, if someone isn't exploiting something- stop appealing.


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Re: A general whinery of the avg Phoenix Player

Devs work hard but nobody is perfect.

The server needs that one guy who will open his mouth and say-- Gee, Mr. Costner, how come it's been thousands of years, the entire earth is covered with water, and the bad guys are called smokers, and they all smoke Marlboro reds? Where the hell did they get them from, Kev?
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Re: A general whinery of the avg Phoenix Player

TsunamiSurprise wrote:
Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:58 pm

I want permission and a cut in any monies if my Shammie, Minst, or Druid is filmed in any way!! The awesomeness of his costuming and design took work! My moves should be patented! Down with all streamers!!

Nerfs are bad! Very bad. The smite cleric nerf started the end of my daoc career many moons ago. TOA and other new games finished it. Why repeat history by nerfing people at this late date? And if it is still early did they roll back all the people who had gain from the crucial "exploit" that they used to gain advantage?