Re: Bans for harassment in Pm

Jeterix wrote:
Tue Jun 02, 2020 3:35 am
Because even if I can ignore people I am still being disrespected.
Grow up and get used to it. The world is a harsh place, and full of assholes; you can't have someone arrested for calling you a dickhead in the real world, but you want to ban people from a game for three days because they're mean to you? Use the ignore function the instant they send you something and you've wasted an entire 2 seconds of your day.

Seriously, if you can't handle being "disrespected" how do you function in the real world?
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Re: Bans for harassment in Pm

Well when I am talking about disrespect I am talking about a continued disrespect over a period of 1-2 weeks that culminated in the person that was harassing me cussing me out multiple times in all caps. Whats the jury? He is justified in cussing me out?

Put some respect on my name!

I think that it is strange that you could even compare being arrested to being banned on a server. The two things are simply uncomparable.

Let me explain.

When you are banned from a server you can't play a video game.

When you are in jail you have your rights taken away and you are locked in a cell.

And people don't talk to you the same in real life as when they are behind a computer screen either.

Re: Bans for harassment in Pm

in general i see where you are coming from, and in a perfect world people who do such petty shit would get punished...

in the real world though, the staff has tons of shit to do and in their free time they are building, maintaining and progressing the server, well, at least if they find time among the drama. Do you have ANY idea of the scope of a task like policing trashtalk?
It stacks up immensely fast and becomes an overwhelming task and takes away from all of their other jobs.

The rule isn't there to allow harrassers to reign free, it is there so you police your private chats yourself and they only have to deal with the manageble problem of dealing with the notorius harrassers that cannot control themselves and do it in all chats and via multiple characters

Re: Bans for harassment in Pm

So they can deal with the notorious harassers that do it in all chats?

Have you read advice chat lately? When are those people going to be dealt with? I turned off advice chat because I was tired of my chat feed being spammed all day every day with the most random off topic spam.

The gamemasters are too busy to moderate their server just doesn't seem like a good excuse to me. Why launch a server if you don't have time to moderate it? Uthgard seemed to have no problem moderating abuse.

I don't think that it takes that long. All they have to do is look at a screenshot and ban someone.

Re: Bans for harassment in Pm

Jeterix wrote:
Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:39 pm
I don't think that it takes that long. All they have to do is look at a screenshot and ban someone.

That is the "mindset-problem" i was hinting at with my previous post.
For the single user and their problem, it is very often "only a small amount of work" but from the staff POV it's tons of stuff.

Looking at one screenshot and banning someone or not is easy. (but that's not all, you also have to inform banned person, document it in the ban forum, maybe dispute the ban with the banned person, as they are allowed to be heard about their bans, etc...) But that aside, even if it is "only looking at a screenshot": One might send screenshots uncropped or hard to read, the next sends 10screenshots with half an hour back and forth before an actual offense happens, the next sends a screenshot but he has heavily edited it, and the next sends a screenshot that looks unedited but was completely faked with things that were never said. All of those cases have to be accounted for, or otherwise your server is suddenly the server that just bans people without evidence.

So, how much time is acceptable to spend? How much time is too much? The opinions may differ. Especially when you ask different people from different groups.

Should the server have one person monitoring chats at all time? Only when population is above 500players? Active monitoring or just reacting to complaints or "when staff is online anyways"? How many reports do you need to work on per day so that no report sits around longer than 24hours? Or is 24h too long? Or too short? Who gets to decide all that?

The answer is obvious, the staff gets to decide what they deem appropriate for their server, and the middle way of giving a tiny bit of responsibility to their userbase to police their private chats themselves isn't anything to write home about
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