Re: [Q2 2020] Style Changes

darkstar00 wrote:
Mon May 11, 2020 5:11 pm
gotwqqd wrote:
Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:20 am
easytoremember wrote:
Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:57 am

At 2-5 the style just consumes your endurance for no reason
Anyone speccing other lines 6-9 get the taunt style a bit later
I rarely even train until I’m at least level 5
I just auto attack
If I do train it’s not for the styles or it’s a line with buffs
Lol I do the same as well for melee chars... i train but just hit attack no styles. Your first few styles are all low damage anyways.
i hit like a truck greens are usually one or two hit :D
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Re: [Q2 2020] Style Changes

I was leveling an assassin class recently, and while looking at the CS line, I found a perfect prototype for change: the 4-style chain after-evade.

Level: 12 / 29 / 44 / 50
Effect: Bleed / Bleed / Snare / Bleed
Effect (Plus) : (5dmg,4s,30s) / (7dmg,4s,40s) / 27s / (11dmg,4s,40s)
Growth: 1.13/1.33/1.32/1.40
Off Bonus: 10/15/15/15
Def Bonus: 10/5/0/5
endo: 5/10/5/5

In my opinion to land this 4-style chain should come with the reward of stacking 3 different bleeds on the target, it should be used to fight against tanks.
In total that would be: 37.5+70+110 damage or 217.5 damage over 40seconds.
If we compare this to the lifebane dot (64dmg/4s/20s) or 320 damage over 20seconds or 640damage over 40seconds.
If the bleeds would stack that would still be 3 times less damage than a lifebane dot.
For the diffculty of landing a 4-style chain, and because you need to be attacked to use this chain, it feels like the damage is very undertuned.

However, to increase damage or make it stacking, it would improve the dps of assassins overall.
If we were to increase the damage of bleeds and or make it stackable, then we would need to remove something else (most likely growth rate).

In my opinion, the bleeds/poisons should be favored over weapon damage when fighting tanks, because they are not affected by absorb % of the armor.
So this 4-style chain should have its growth rate reviewed (lowered) and the bleeds should become stackable, and the damage should be improved. I propose:
(10dmg,4s,20s) / (20dmg,4s,20s) / (30dmg,4s,20s)
That would be 300 dmg over 20s or about the equivalent of a lifebane dot.
In exchange the growth rate should be lowered to the similar growth rate of basic lines around 0.9.
I would also reduce this 4-style chain to 3-style and remove the third one with the snare, leave that to garrote.

This would also mean that the CS line doesnt have high growth rate anymore, just high bleed or high stealth attack.
Although the high damage of stealth attack disappeared, and it should come back if this were to happen.
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