Ram Ranch seeking some dedicated players

Hey all, So were still fairly new around here, been running RvR for a couple weeks and weve got a super strong core of friends that are on ALOT. We are just struggling to run a full 8 man so were constantly competing 6v8 and its meh. Were looking to recruit some more chill people to RvR with us. Wev'e all been around in DAoC since release so were pretty knowledgable and willing to help out. Our Discord has a explicit content warning on it, we are not afraid to joke around and be innapropriate af. We could really use a healer or shammy, some casters would be dope too. But in all honestly we dont give a fuck what you play as long as your here to have fun and kill ssome hibs and albs. My name is Yiff in game, you can contact me, or get ahold of anyone in the guild. Happy Slaying