Federation of Albion is recruiting players!

Hi all

Some of you might know us from live servers on Hibernia but now we're over in Phoenix really enjoying this server and hope to make a lot of new friends!

Anyway here are the details about our guild!

So, Federation of Albion is recruiting all players to the guild that are wanting a fun and friendly community. We are part of Apex Alliance that I believe is the biggest alliance on Albion Phoenix at the moment.

FoA Discord server: https://discord.gg/v9sQTm

What we run or what we will run events wise:

Levelling 1-50 together with any class (Need at least a few heal classes)

PvE PL sessions on certain days of the week/weekend

Running Battleground events

Epic Quest

Sidi raids

Dragon Raids

RvR zerging

RvR set groups

Rules: Just be friendly and enjoy the game please no drama.

If you are interested in joining us just get hold of myself Solic, Boge or Panakeia and we're welcome you into our guild.


Guild Master of Federation of Albion

Re: Federation of Albion is recruiting players!

Hey anyone reading this post and lookking for a guild.

Federation of Albion is always looking to recruit new active members to join our family.

We are a large community and social focused guild with groups in RvR and PvE running regularily. Guild was formed from Live Federation of Hibernia and we have been going strong since launch day on Phoenix. Guild Web/Form/Discord

Let me know
Rahl, Lrdrahl, Surdi, Dena, Saidin, Mishakali, Darkahn, Drizzits, Knaotai, Jonai

Hit me up on Discord

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