Kissed by Fire


You startle from your sleep, bathed in sweat.
You try to sit up and get rid of the ice-cold shiver; the heart pounds perceptibly in your chest.

The image of a rushed creature appears in front of your inner eye, as well as shreds of a ritual sacrifice and a great... bird?

A conversation with a stranger a few moons ago pop into your mind, but the more you concentrate on it, the more details of the conversation you lose.

It was about a woman and control over... your head hurts.
You hear a voice. Whispering. Most of it too quiet, but some crystal clear:

Hibernia. The pain is getting stronger.
Fire. The air around you seems to crackle.
More. More? No. Your chimney is ablaze.

Everything begins to turn black, but one last word penetrates the whispering: Morgan.


Sharpen your blades, fill your quiver and ready your resurrection. Oh, and bring friends… a lot.
Kissed by Fire is a Phoenix event taking place from 6th to 8th September.
A gamemaster will real-time simulating a multi-phase encounter until your realm or the GM is dead.
Each phase ends at 10% of the GMs HP, except for the final one.

The rewards for defeating this mighty being will be:
- a title (relog after you killed the encounter)
- feathers (2500 per kill)
- ROG-items
- an exclusive very special reward (will be added after the event)

Only 1 encounter can happen at once, so each realm got a total of 4 time slots over the weekend.
Each time slot lasts up to 90 minutes. You can try it as often as you like in that slot but you may kill him only once per slot.

An in-game announcement will be done shortly prior to its start. The times are in server time UTC+0 (same as reboot announcements).

To get your time zone:
US pacific = time minus 7
US central = time minus 5
EU central = time plus 2
Korean [KST] = time plus 9
- Ashok, GM Lead

Re: Kissed by Fire

Status Update
The initial issue the albs encountered on their first slot was fixed. The majority should have received their rewards.

All realms got at chance and did defeat Morgan.
Time wise there is no clear winner so far, all realms did struggle in phase 3 and 5 and got pushed to the edge of a wipe; Hibs wiped once in Phase 1 due to an unintended pull. :)

With all realms being able to gather information and defeating it once, some minor adjustments have been made at certain phases to "fix" too broken or too weak stuff. Maybe you will also find 1 or 2 new abilities thrown at you. :)

The event did conclude with an almost-wipe of the Albs in the encounters final stage with the boss being at 1% HP for almost 4 minutes. :)

Everyone who did participate did 2500 feathers per kill and the title.
The "special reward" will be added to the game soonish. We'll announce it separately once added.

Overall I kept tuning the event over the course of the weekend.
The first 2, 3 slots had been a bit rough (too strong/weak) or buggy - I killed myself sometimes or some of the macros did not work.
As of day 2 the NPC spawns had been adjusted; more HP but bit less damage - they still required some form of coordination to get down without wiping, especially the Svartalfs in phase 2 with CC immunity, medium on-hit aoe and heavy single target hits.

The final encounter for Albion and Midgard had been tuned up in difficulty; not by adding new abilities, but mixing the phases ad-hoc abilities a bit [both agreed to it beforehand]. One of my ad-hoc counters had been to destroy your catapults :P
- Ashok, GM Lead