Working Ui's for 1.124

Here is a list of all working UI's for 1.124. I will constantly update this thread. If you know any UI that is not listed here and that is working on our server, feel free to PM me on the forum or in Discord.

  • Bobs ui
(with ghost ui as skin option):

  • MxN ... -MxN-v6-UI

  • Valmerwolf
(general Infos & preview)
English Version ...
Italian Version ...

  • Ghost Ui

  • Topi's Phoenix UI 1.06
(german/english) - Link

  • Tokajer's Ghost UI for Phoenix including XP Loot & RvR Dungeon Maps
=> ... cC6ap4xrA3

  • Pyth UI ... VlHeXlCcDA

  • Trusha's UI
(including xp-item overview)

  • Bysan Ui ...

  • Deridia's UI ... _v1.125.1/
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Re: Working Ui's for 1.124

Some people were asking for it...

Topi's Phoenix UI 1.07d (deutsch) - Link -> Topi's Phoenix UI 1.07 noNF

Topi's Phoenix UI 1.09NF (english) - Link -> Topi's Phoenix UI 1.09NF *NEW*

...finally...warmap port to relic (merchant) towns fixed - NF ready...still slight visual glitches here and there but working :)
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