Re: Cast effects visually too small

gruenesschaf wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:34 pm
Then there is also a somewhat related issue that the client can't show certain spell effects together, a somewhat common one (or at least important one where it actually becomes obvious) where that happens is SoS, if certain effects have started very recently (within the last 50ish to 100ms) and are still ongoing the sos animation is just not shown.
THAT explains a LOT.
thank you!
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Re: Cast effects visually too small

i don't know if i am right, but i would test with different mob sizes, it could eventually fix the problem or have caused it.
Anyway my first though was video drivers kinda ^^

Hope i have helped. this is a thing only staff can do. if you need help testing it, i belive many would do right on.

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