Keep Take toon

SO I have learned to enjoy NF. ITs not the same as OF and the play style is a lot different but im ok with that as this game is <3 My question as a midgrad what toon would be the most fun to take and defend keeps with? Thinking caster or archer? thoughts?
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Re: Keep Take toon

depends on what you want to do really, will you be constantly solo? Then probably archer or BD (as you have your healerpets on standby) and can TWF masses when they push through chokepoints

If you plan to smallmen/join the zerg or simply group a healer i would say Runemaster is great in sieges.

You can spec for longrange bolts to snipe people from the walls, you can specc for GTAOE, you can nearsight attacking forces etc...
lots of longrange abilities and AOE-dmg capabilities

EDIT: just saw you already have hunter/BD at i guess trying those out in sieges would be your best bet, you can always level a RM on the side. The first levels are fast and as soon as you can start levelling in DF just kill 30mobs each day in there and get credit for 5tasks and log out again till tasks have reset.