Re: Berserker?

Berserker are fine and a little more easy to handle and spam dmg. As Backup with Hammer the backstyle for nice snare, to stay on your target. You can time your great burst with your Crit CD (Zerkmode). With Celerity from ya AugH it feels...... awesome.

As Svg you can go simple and do fine dmg. But as Svg you can do way more than only spam taunt style for dmg... as backup sidechain with big stun, or backstyle for little stun. You are harder to peal from enemy Tanks, thanks to your crazy Evadeskill. You can get very lucky hits on your target with a nice triple or quadhit and some crits.
You have your own Celerity, if you you are out of range from ya AugH, its never a problem.

Both are perfect viable! With Stoicism Det9 and purge 3++ (against slam) you cant be stopped, if you dont get godmode peeled.
Phoenix / Midgard
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