WTB MP lifetap weapons

I need 4.1 speed Bastard swords. They must be ROGs and they must have lifetap procs. Utility does not matter.

Send a tell to Mavella in game or PM me here and hopefully we can come to an agreement on price.


Edit: no longer need the offhand, still looking for 1 or more swords!
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Re: WTB MP lifetap weapons

Paying 1 copper more.
Gimpy 50 RR4 Solo ShadowBlade If there are other SBs around im sorry ;-(
Rhoxie 50 RR4 Solo HunterMaybe Back?
Rhox 50 RR4 Zerkerbenched
WTB 50 RR5L4 Spirit MasterNumber 7 in solo kills for SM
Rhoxy 50 RR5 Solo Skaldbenched
Ello 50 RR4L8 Solo Bone DancerNever Grouped