Re: Nightshade Temp/Tools

I've never played a NS, but it's really going to depend on your cash flow and feather intake.

If you have a lot of cash and feathers, it will be easy and painless. If you don't, well.. you can still make it happen.

Lots of plat/feathers

-MP everything
-Dex/qui debuff MH weapons
-LT OH weapons
-MP 4.2 crafted weapon swaps
-Galla chest
-Abaltive procs on armor

If you don't have a lot of plat/feathers you can get away with 99qual gear until you can afford to upgrade to MP. But imho, I'd just farm until I had what I needed to get MP from the start. Also, you don't HAVE to have feather weapons. I think I used crafted weapons until like rr6-7

Edit: Also, what the person said above is great too. You need those Combi pots, shard skin, Abla charge, legion heal and superior heal pot.

Hope this helps,

Re: Nightshade Temp/Tools

Crofax wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:35 am

ring of zo'arkat
heart of legion
mp armor with
- ablative
- dmg add
- regen
- combined
- shard skin
- insta heal
- normal heal

did i missed something ?
good list. you can also have dmg add charge, then you can put it on a low lvl item in your inventory.
Weapon maybe some d/q debuff and haste proc. If it procs, switch you weapon with dd proc.

Re: Nightshade Temp/Tools

I am curious as to whether there are benefits to a player crafted approach for all weapons.

This way as you swap weapons your stats/spec are the same all the time. It just seems that fights are so fast here that this may be beneficial.

Are the player crafted procs very inferior to the D/Q debuff. LT, etc?

Re: Nightshade Temp/Tools

currently the player crafted weapon poccs are really bad compared to the special proccs

and the benefit of using crafted weapons is just that you can build a temp cheaper. Most committed assassin-mains have built a weaponless temp, they have all stats capped without even using any weapon. So they can switch around ROGs and SI-Weapons for the proccs and still have the same stats all the time.

Requires very high average Utility though