Re: Serenity 1 or 3?

Freedomcall wrote:
Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:24 am
power regen doesn't have any cap.
this is what one of the devs confirmed.

But i don't think investing rps into serenity is recommended among players, unless it's a 100% farm toon.
Maybe i would invest just serenity 1 cuz it cost only 1 rp... but even that could be spent to more useful RAs i think.
It doesn’t have a cap
But some things overwrite another
Also it doesn’t mean the RA can be broken

I guess I should look at the results

Re: Serenity 1 or 3?

RR9L1 Eld here.

Power management is real in RvR since you want to maximize your RAs for more utility or dmg.

After testing several mana reg RA setups I ended up with the bare essentials of MCL 1 and Serenity 1. Especially with pots Tasy Chunk of Legion to restore your mana in a pinch, this is really all you need.

However, keep in mind that you MUST absolutely maximize all your toys to gain power. Chug a pot the second it's getting you back to full power, use MCL wisely when you can find the space during a fight. Only use the mana charge as a last resort but don't hesitate to use it if needed. The key is to get used to pot-mcl-charge-power management.

You definitely need MCL 1 at least since it will help you get minimal power right after getting rezzed. You can save the pot or charge to get extra HP if you get PR'd. Serenity 1 is just one point. I've noticed a difference and I find it worthwhile for sure.

For a healing class I would definitely consider MCL2. I don't think serenity 2 is worth it for them.

PS: I only use blue potted pom.

Re: Serenity 1 or 3?

I run serenity 2 on all my casters and I’m the only one in our group who rarely has power issues. Only time I sun into issues is if it’s back to back fights and it’s been like 4 mins and everything is down, pots/chunk/mcl