Re: Animist situation

Aph wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:40 pm
The change to tanglers actually have positive and negative outcomes...

Cast time increased - this is just a simple nerf.

They no longer ‘smart target’ the ones that has no immunity, instead it is purely random.

Previously the tanglers only targeted rootable targets; if no targets then it would be idle. Now they will keep casting on immune targets, rupting them over and over until dealt with.

In the longer fights they could be better now than before. The stars align.
They don't cast on targets with root immunity. The change was just to replicate live behavior: pick a target every 2 - 3 seconds, cast if it doesn't have root immunity. Before it was pick a random target every 50ms that is not root immune in range and cast, now it is pick a random target every 50ms in range, if it's root immune wait 2 seconds and pick another random target otherwise cast.

Re: Animist situation

Animist isn't really that much of a crazy farmer solo now, dinged my shamn yesterday on mid, honnestly, it's better for solo, but animist is better in group. Oh wait, groups need me too.

And it's been badly nerfed in PvP, that's for sure. i didn't play hib at all for weeks now and i just laugh at shrooms 99 of time when i see some, went for a little run solo run on hibernia with my shamy, they're just pathetic.