Anyone able to do a Galladoria run this Sunday. I work weekends and have missed all the runs. This Sunday is my only weekend day off. Several people in our guild Dominion need all the quest.

Re: Galladoria

Now that it's 2x feathers I believe Seolan has been running a couple.

I tried to get one done in NA evening a couple days ago and we simply did not have enough people to complete it. Frankly I'm amazed we managed to down Easmarach and a lot of the other sub-bosses with so few people (as little as 24 when we wiped on Olc)

Unfortunately for me this bonus week is hitting right while I'm getting a new business started so I cant tank it as much as I would like to. Priorities.
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Re: Galladoria

Would really like something this Sunday also, as well as Thursday night (US Time) if possible. Those are the only days I am available to make it, sadly. I don't mind leading one, but I haven't done so since Live... still, how hard can it be?
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