Chester the loot holder and BG Qs

Can someone please list some of the commands you would need to know in order to have a good BG encounter and distribute the loot correctly.
In the /slash commands I either cant find or don't understand what some of them mean. I know encounters and basic BG commands but the loot part I need more info.

SO what is the command to.......................................

How do you spawn and despawn Chester

How do you set the quality of items to keep?

How does it convert crap stuff to gold?

can you set it to only keep stuff with a high utlity?

Record rolls in order like /random 1000 so it lists the highest to lowest

How do you stop recording so someone doesn't roll late and sneak in.

will it only record people in the BG or can it record anyone?

How do you give permission to a certain player and allow them to only take ONE item out?

How do you distribute the money evenly among the raid people

What is the purpose of a bg treasurer

IS there anything I missed?

Id like to form a small group of friends and try stuff out but I don't know any basic Chester commands.

If there's a link to all this info id much appreciate it.

Thank you.
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Re: Chester the loot holder and BG Qs

I don't run these things, so I just googled, but I did find a few things. You will probably get better info from someone like Somela or someone on your side that runs these things. ... -commands/

This from Phoenix Wiki.

BG leader commands
A command for endgame PvE-Raids
/bg loot chest enable (Enables chest)
/bg loot chest spawn (Displays the chest for players to look into it.)
/bg loot chest list (Lists all items in the chest.)
/bg loot chest withdraw (Takes out all the money in the chest.)
/bg loot chest distribute (Distributes all gold evenly to all players in the BG.)
/bg loot chest grant (Grants permission to the selected player to withdraw one item from the chest.)

Usage restrictions apply and violations can lead to a ban.
Generally, if you are doing end game PvE raids with an actual raid you’re allowed to use the chest.