Beta Announcement

Yesterday we had one of our full-staff meetings to discuss the progress and to determine how close we are for open beta. 21 of us were attending, which is an accomplishment in itself, as our staff is distributed over almost every time zone on this planet :blush:

Even though we were able to fix tons of reports/bugs during our still ongoing alpha, there is still a lot to do for an open beta.

At this point, we would like to thank all of our alpha testers once more!

After consideration of all open issues and tasks ahead of us, we were able to estimate the start of the Open Beta in Mid-June 2018. As we get closer, we will announce an exact date.

Also, after the meeting, we have tested one of the scripted encounters in Trollheim and we managed to find the correct behavior for him, to make him challenging but doable. Pictures can be found here.

Hopefully we could answer some of your questions. Stay tuned for more informations and feel free to join our Discord if there are any questions left.
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