We Want You!

We are looking for players who would like to help us and the server. We still have a lot of things to do, thats why it would be great if you could help us testing things, getting data, researching stuff, etc. Therefor we will add a new channel „tester“ (and a new role) on discord, which can only be seen by those who want to help. In this new channel we will hand out tasks which players could do for us. For example, do some damage tests on live. Many things will require testing on Pendragon, therefor an active live account.

This channel is not for discussion nor to suggest new things directly to the staff. It is only to help us and to take over some work. Also we dont want any people to just idle in there, we only want active players who are willing to help the Phoenix server. Testers wont get any reward other than a warmly and sincere „thank you“ from the staff.

If you are interested and would like to help, please contact me or gruenes_schaf on discord (via DM only).
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