Raid Rules

No, we’re not telling you how to set your BG rules 😊 That is not our job nor is it our business.
BUT we are telling you to follow the rules, as you have announced them at the beginning of the raid.
We have seen some BG leaders who have announced things like: No leader item, everything will be rolled on and then at the end of the raid, he/she claims multiple items, and nobody can roll on them.
This kind of behavior is unacceptable.

In addition, please remember that the loot chest is only permitted for endgame PvE. Do NOT use or spawn it just for fun as it forbidden and can be punished. Usage of loot chest is not allowed in RvR (unless it is a DF Encounter Raid)

High-End Dungeon Raids, Dragons, DF Princes and such are considered Endgame PVE.
Using the loot chest for any other purposes is strictly forbidden and can lead to a ban.
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1) When you lead such a raid, announce your raid rules at the beginning so it is clear to everyone what to expect. Examples: Only level xyz can roll, money will be kept by the raid leader etc.
Changing your mind on the go (after you have announced initial rules) will be considered “Griefplay” and can be punished.

2) Raiding a raid:
If a raid (BG) is fighting mobs, it is NOT allowed for groups/bgs/player to hit those mobs as well. It will be handled in the same way as in regular PvE as stated in our rules unless you have specific permission from the raid leader.
9.1 Pulling or leading a hostile NPC or creature along behind you and attempting to get it to attack another player who does not desire that engagement.
9.2 Attacking an already attacked creature without the consent of the player who pulled the mob/s first, is strictly forbidden.

We will add this as an amendment to the rules but it is enforceable from now on.

Updated Raid RULES

A raid leader MUST declare his rules up front in regards of how loot will be distributed, what he claims for himself/herself etc.
Posting the rules prior to the start of the raid is mandatory.
Any addition like "I can change the rules as I wish" is NOT VALID and can be disregarded.