My final Phoenix DAoC video

I had this made for a little while now but I didn't necessarily know how I wanted to end it, so I tried keeping it as simple as possible. I know a lot of Phoenix players really liked my videos so I figured I should post this here to let the word out. I'm not done with making videos or streaming, but you know, they won't be relevant for DAoC. I'm not done with DAoC either, as if I ever had the itch to come play Phoenix again I would, or whatever freeshard is available, or even if Broadsword sticks with their word and releases classic servers.

Anyhow, it's nothing special, kind of meant to be funny at parts, then me getting ran over.

Re: My final Phoenix DAoC video

Dominus wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:47 pm
you were one of the good ones Ledri, I did enjoy your videos and have fun at wow. I no longer play Phoenix myself but occasionally check in. Seems like a number of folks posting farewell vids/messages.
I've noticed that as well. Pretty ironic that people are quitting a Classic version of DAoC for a Classic version of WoW all over again lol.

But still, thank you a ton! I check in on occasion to lurk and read stuff here and there too. :)