Re: The elephant in the room.

ExcretusMaximus wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:47 am
WoW and school.

If this wasn't expected, people were shortsighted.
Exactly. Many came with great hope and found out this is just Uth3. It is an EU game for the organized EU guilds. They closed off leveling in the FZ by farming any new people that came here. Camped other PvE zones with their SI toons. Made it an AOE only PvE game for grouping, and then noobs soloing past 40, and then again for gear after 50? Just to fight RR 11s Lol right. So you end up with basically your same EU players. /shrug not a surprize, just a disappointment.

Re: The elephant in the room.

541 online at 10:45am on Wed 9/11/19 The population has definitely seen a significant impact starting in August. The massive ban wave and WoW Classic has been very devastating to the population. The question should be how do we reverse this trend and generate new interest in the game?

I have only been rvring so the numbers are more terrifying

Frontier 50: 64a 78m 35h 176t
Frontier Stealth 50: 13a 18m 9h 40t

Which means there are only 26 visible lvl 50 hibs which is pretty slim to create groups and keep the game alive if the only thing you care about is RvR..
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Re: The elephant in the room.

Yeah kept the 5 pounds off. Been going for long walks twice a day with my dog. Not gaming at all. Fishing. Reading.

I don't have any negative thoughts about the game I just can't seem to want to play.

I wonder if this is a natural process for all daoc servers/game servers.

But also i think it may be just an outlier. Maybe people will take a break and come back later. Who knows.
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