Re: Percival roll call.

Dunno if anyone would remember me since I was an elitist ganker but I played a couple of chars:

Symond armsman - Heroes and Legends
Phepah sorc - <Hallowed Vigilance> & <Valiant Glory>
Issney- the original 8v8 scout
Kalv pac healer GM of <Polaris>


Currently playing Alb on Thuglyfe & Valor the cleric. Come say hi

Re: Percival roll call.

Old Mid Perc
Haduken Jeckt - Rc Runie - Aegis Nauthiz

What's up ya ol' sneaks @Ketu @Sunnhild.
So many badies here too.

Fought a hib named Fech & friends out by the wright camp west of hlid.. made me wonder.

Currently Mids
Runie - Hadukon
Shaman - Abacus
Saiyans guild

Re: Percival roll call.

I'm a bit late to the game, but it's awesome to see some of the names popping up on here.

I like to think I was the OG Lurikeen Champ on Percival, the mini-but-mighty, Pryme. I was dedicated to my daggers and never fell to the dark side of the 2-hand.

I read through this thread and it really is amazing how many of those characters were familiar. I ran with Emerald Dawn for most of my time on DAoC, and was more of a PvE leader. But I'm sure there are plenty of you guys that would remember seeing me run around the frontier.

Any of you guys remember the player meet I set up in Seattle? I'm pretty sure that was carried on for many years after I moved back home to Texas.

Re: Percival roll call.

Perc, Mid, Kobold Shaman named Vrogg Groggor. I ran a small guild called Skoll's Chase. Played from late beta til 2005. I'm fresh back to the game and thought I'd try Phoenix due to the positive posts around the various forums. It's been a long time, I'm feeling like a true newb :) Realm pride instantly got me right away again. Playing the same this time around, Mid Shaman.. only level 16 so far but loving the game and the server seems pretty awesome :) Hoping to get my 13 year old son into it but struggling to get him to try it out. I think he'd love it if he'd give it a chance.

Re: Percival roll call.

Thanks for the chills, a few names I remember.

I was Cerunos - Hero, Ithryn- Bard, due to being in Australia I mostly played with some real life mates with Jyp/Jypster and Senn.

My partner was likely more well known cause she was a social bunny and on at NA prime, her name was Heaven (later renamed to Neamh). She stole my original account because I told her to try this cool game out while I went to work haha.

I've just started here the last couple of days, made a few toons to muck around on, game still has a lot of charm!. Not sure where I will end up at this point, regardless of where, I will have /release on every hotbar its the one skill I mastered.

Re: Percival roll call.

Hib - Percival here.
Lavax - RR11 Eld, before crazy RP bonuses started rolling in.

I was in "Shatter the Darkness" until i joined "Devastation" after Percival and Nimue clustered.
Klovn - Njord - 50 Skald - RR4LX
Thunderwonder - Njord - 50 Thane- RR4LX
Trussetyv - Njord - 50 Spiritmaster - RRFarmbot