Slash Commands [general]

DAoC Standard Command
Phoenix Custom Command

/autolootXA toggle allowing loot to be picked up automatically if in range
/bindXBinds your character to a location near a binding stone
/buffXInstantly casts concentration-based buffs on realm-mates (only works in event safe-zones, arena prep-phase, and relic towns)
    /buff target (concentration buffs [dq, sc, acu, dex, con, str, af, saf, haste, reg, pom, end] )
      Example target: /buff target dex con saf will buff base dex, base con and spec af to your target
    /buff class (concentration buffs [dq, sc, acu, dex, con, str, af, saf, haste, reg, pom, end] ) (only works while grouped)
      Example class: /buff shaman dex con will buff base dex and base con to every shaman in your group (only works while grouped)
/changeraceXChanges your characters race (requires race respec stone)
/cloak (on | off)XMakes cloak visible or invisible
/duelXFight a duel against a friendly realmmate
    /duel acceptXAccepts a duel
    /duel challengeXChallenges the target to a duel
    /duel surrenderXSurrender to a dueling opponent
/followXYour character follows the target
/friend [playername]XAdds the named player to your friends list
    /gambling differenceroll (coin bet)XDo a difference roll with the targeted gambling npc
    /gambling differencerollXExplain difference roll
    /gambling itemrollXDo an item roll with the targeted gambling npc, costs 1 coin
/gtrangeXDisplays the range between you and your current Ground Target
/helm (on | off)XMakes your helm visible or invisible
/hoodXToggles the hood on and off when wearing a hooded cloak
/lastname [preferred last name]XWhen used at a Name Registrar NPC, the /lastname command will apply the selected lastname to the character. You may use /lastname by itself to clear a character's current lastname instead of applying a new one.
/levelXDisabled on Phoenix
/mapXDisplays the in-game map system with the map of the zone you're currently in
/moveitemXQuickly move items
    /moveitem totarget ({amount}) {item name}
    /moveitem totarget #bag1|#bag2|#bag3|#bag4|#bag5
    /moveitem fromtarget ({amount}) {item name}
    /moveitem sell ({amount}) {item name}
    /moveitem sell #bag1|#bag2|#bag3|#bag4|#bag5
      The #bag placeholder means all items in the given bag, this is especially useful with the sell subcommand. For the totarget subcommand, if the target is another player in your realm the items will be put into the trade window, if it is a chest or vault it will be put in there. The command will try to stack items before using an empty slot.
      If the first variant is used, only source and target slot, it works like the old /switch command. If the target slot is an active weapon slot, that weapon will be switched to. Example uses: Simple switching between shield and offhand weapon for BM and Mercenary or Hero 2h damage type switching. A list of slots will be provided, we’re unsure if we’ll use the internal DOL slots (40 = bag 1 slot 1, 11 = offhand) or if we’ll provide user friendly alternatives.
/mbuyXAllows player to purchase multiple items from the merchant
/nohelpXPrevents situations where a player outside of his or her group is healing, for the purpose of leeching experience from a monster kill, without his or her consent. Note: Turns off effects of healing, regen, and some artifacts.
/petwindowXReload pet window
    /petwindow openXopens the pet window
    /petwindow closeXcloses the pet window
    /petwindow reloadXreloads the pet window
/prayXRestores some lost xp when performed at your grave
/qbar [#]XSwitches to the specified quickbar (each quickbar has a number assigned to it)
/qbind [#]XDisplays all of your current keybindings
/qbind [bar#] [slot#] [quickbar#]XBinds a new key. Example: /qbind 1 2 2 will bind a key to Quickbar Page 1, Slot 2, QuickBar 2.
/quitXLogs out your character
/quiverXToggles the quiver window
/quiver dumpXTakes all arrows in the quiver and drops them to the ground
/qunbind [bar#] [slot#]XGets rid of a keybinding
/randomXGenerating random numbers
    /random [#]XPrints out a random number between 1 and the number specified
    /random record 1000XRecords /random 1000 rolls
    /random stopXStop recording
    /random list {page}XShow recorded rolls, 50 per page
/rangeXDisplay the range between you and your current target
/realmwar (alt. /rw)XDisplay the realm war map
/rearrangeXRearrange characters on the selection page
    /rearrange listXShows a list of all characters and slots that they occupy
    /rearrange setslot [source slot] [target slotXSwaps the source and destination character slots
/releaseXReleases your character from death and returns him to his binding point
    /release houseXReleases your character from death to your house if you are bound in one
    /release cityXReleases your character from death to your Capitol city
    /release borderkeepXWhen dead in the frontier, releases your character from death to the borderkeep
/repairXRepairs keep doors
/respec realm | all | [specialization line]XTyped while targeting a class trainer or master trainer, players may choose to respecialize a trained line of specialization
/restXCharacter sits down
/roleplay (on | off)XFlags a player as a roleplayer or not
/rp (on | off)XDisabled on Phoenix
/salvageXSalvage raw goods from an item; may only be done by crafters with high enough skill
/salvagebagXSalvage loot a bag at a time. Command will never salvage an MP, this must be done manually.
    /salvagebag 1|2|3|4|5 [U##|Q##|force]XOptional U and Q numbers set salvage threshold for Utility and Quality
    /salvagebag 1 U50 Q99XSalvages bag 1 anything under 50 Utility and 98 Quality or below
    /salvagebag 1 forceXSalvages bag 1 without restrictions. Force flag bypasses confirmation. Use at your own risk.
/setprice {slot 1-100} {copper|money text}XSet price in consignment merchant
    moneytext: 3g22s5c, no spaces, order doesn't matter - 3c5g2s is valid and the same as 5g2s3c
    example: /setprice 3 32g3s - sets the price of the item in slot 3 to 32 gold and 3 silver
/setpricebyname {copper|money text} {item name}XSets the price of all items in consignment merchant with the given name
    moneytext: 3g22s5c, no spaces, order doesn't matter - 3c5g2s is valid and the same as 5g2s3c
    Xexample: /setpricebyname 100g phoenix dust - sets the price of all Phoenix Dust in the consignment merchant to 100g
/titleXDisplay title window
/sitXCharacter sits down
/socialXProvides players with guild, alliance, realm, realm mates and realm news
/sprintXMakes your character sprint
/standXCharacter stands up
/statsXDisplays a window with your character's current statistics (HP healed, resurrections performed, and your current gamplay "I Remain Standing..." score)
/stats player {name}XDisplays current statistics for the listed character
/stats rp | killrp | kills | deathblows | irs | heal | resurrectXDisplays stats for the specified type for the current gaming session
/statsanonXToggles anonymous settings for real time online statistics garnered from the /stats commands
/stuckXLogs character out of the game and resets location to a nearby spot. Use when stuck in world geometry.
/switchXAllows player to configure weapon swaps between their character and their inventory
    /switch 1h {slot}
    /switch offhand {slot}
    /switch 2h {slot}
    /switch range {slot}
/target [Player]XMakes [Player] your target, only works on allies
/tradeorderXCreates trade orders to trade money from one realm to another
    /tradeorder place {source-realm} {target-realm} {money-text}XPlace trade order
      example: /tradeorder place alb mid 1p to place a trade order offering 1 platin in alb for a similar amount in mid (subject to an automatic conversion rate)
    /tradeorder exchangerateXshows the current exchange rates
    /tradeorder currentXshow your current trade order, you can only have one active at the same time
    /tradeorder cancelXcancel your current active trade order
    /tradeorder pendingXshows current pending orders
/trainXOpens the class training window without the need to see your trainer. Respecs still require visit by player.
/xp (ON | OFF)XTurns XP gain for the character ON or OFF. Omitting ON or OFF will report the current state of the flag without changing it.
/voteXIn-game voting when a topic is available

/gc aacceptXAccept an alliance invitation
/gc acancelXCancel an alliance invitation
/gc adeclineXDecline an alliance invitation
/gc ainviteXInvite another guild to join your alliance
/gc amotdXDisplays the alliance message of the day
/gc amotd [text]XSets the alliance message of the day to the specified text
/gc aremove leaderXRemoves your entire guild from your current alliance
/gc aremove [#]XRemoves the specified guild (listed by number) from the alliance

/battlegroup groupclassXShows the class makeup of each of the groups in the battlegroup
/battlegroup groupsXWill display a group focused version of the /battlegroup who command. It will identify who is grouped within the battlegroup, who is grouped with people outside the group, and who is solo.
/battlegroup invite [playername]XInvites the specified player to the battlegroup
/battlegroup join [moderator name]XJoin a public battlegroup by name of the moderator
/battlegroup join [moderator name] [password]XJoin a private battlegroup which has a password set
/battlegroup leaveXRemove oneself from the battlegroup
/battlegroup listenXPuts the battlegroup on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/battlegroup loot treasurer | normalXToggles the treasurer feature on and off
/battlegroup lootlevel [level]XSets a threshold for the level an item must be to enter into this system
/battlegroup passwordXDisplay the current password for the battlegroup (moderator only)
/battlegroup password clearXClears the current battlegroup password
/battlegroup password [new password]XSets a new password
/battlegroup privateXThe battlegroup is invite or password-only
/battlegroup publicXThe battlegroup is public and anyone can join by typing /bg join
/battlegroup remove [playername]XRemoves the specified player from the battlegroup
/battlegroup statusXDisplays the current member count of the battlegroup
/battlegroup treasurer [battlegroup member name]XDesignates the specified player as the treasurer for the battlegroup
/battlegroup whoXLists all members of the battlegroup
/bg creditXDisplays credit for Battlegroup Master Level encounters that have been completed within the last 10 minutes. This command can be used by the Battlegroup leader without restriction.
/bgchatXchat in a battlegroup

Boat Commands
/disembark (or /disem)XLeave the boat that you are riding

Card Game Commands
/roll [number of dice]XSimulates a dice roll; Specify the number of die rolls you want (six-sided dice only).

Chat Groups
/cg helpXDisplays all chat group commands
/cg invite [playername]XInvites specified player to the chat group
/cg join [moderator name]XJoin a public chat group by name of the moderator
/cg join [moderator name] [password]XJoin a private chat group by name of the moderator and password
/cg leaderXDeclare another member of the chat group as leader; This player can invite other players into the chat group and speak when the chat group is on listen mode.
/cg leaveXLeave the current chat group
/cg listenXPuts the chat group on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/cg passwordXDisplay the current password for the chat group (moderator only)
/cg password clearXClears the current password (moderator only)
/cg password [new password]XSets the password for the chat group
/cg privateXThe chat group is invite or password-only
/cg publicXThe chat group is public and anyone can join by typing /cg join
/cg remove [playername]XRemoves the specified player from the chat group
/cg whoXLists players in the chat group

/adviceXA specific chat channel designated to ask questions to your fellow realm mates
/afk [message]XSets character "away from the keyboard." You may also set an optional [message] to display when players try to contact you while AFK.
/asend (or /as)XSends a message to the alliance chat
/bchat or /bc or /bu or /bb [message]XSends [message] to your Battlegroup Chat
/broadcast (or /broad or /br)XBroadcasts a message across a wider area
/chat (or /c or /ch)XSpeaks to the chat group
/chatlogXToggles the chatlog on or off
/emote (or /em, or /e) {text}XPerforms an emote
/group (or /g)XSends a message to your group
/guild (or /gu)XSends a message to your guild
/ignore [playername]XIgnores the specified player
/osend (or /o)XSends a message to officer chat (must be a guild officer)
/rpfilter [abbreviation] [text]XAllows players to filter out commonly used game terms and abbreviations for any text that he/she wishes
/rpfilteroffXTurns the roleplaying filter off
/rpfilteronXTurns the roleplaying filter on
/say (or /s)XSpeak outside of a group or guild in a small radius around your character
/send [playername] (or /tell [playername])XSends a private message to the specified player
/whisperXSpeaks softly in an extremely close range
/whoXRP Searches for players who have flagged themselves as role players
/yell (or /y)XYells for help; add text (/yell [text]) to speak in a wider range


/craft [recipe id]XCraft an item. Requires necessary material components and nearby crafting implements (i.e a forge, lathe, etc.) if required.
/craftqueueXAutomatically craft a recipe multiple times
    /craftqueue {times}XCraft the next recipe {times} times
    /craftqueue {quality}%XCraft the next recipe until the result has {quality}% or higher quality. 96% - 100%
    /craftqueue buy (upto) {n}XBuy materials for n attempts from the selected merchant, with upto it only buys what is missing
/tradeskill [Alchemy|Armor|Fletching|Tailoring|Spell|Weapon]XSwitch your current profession without requiring to visit a trainer

/angryXMake an angry face.
/bangXBang on your shield loudly
/beckonXBeckon someone to you with your hand
/begXPlease for items or money
/blushXAct in a shy manner
/bowXGive an honorable bow
/brandishXHoist your weapon
/cheerXCheer with both hands in the air
/confuseXYou look confused.
/cowerXHide in fear from someone
/cryXSob pathetically
/curtseyXGive a low curtsey
/danceXDance a little jig
/diabolicalXYou sneer diabolically
/dismissXMake a dismissing gesture
/dohXYou slap your head in confusion.
/drinkXTake a drink.
/flexXMakes a flexing gesture
/howlXHowl with rage
/hugXMakes a hugging gesture
/inductXMake a ceremonial induction gesture
/kissXBlow a kiss
/knockXKnocks on a player's house door.
/laughXMakes a laughing gesture
/locoXFor those crazy ideas
/lookfarXYou look into the distance
/mememeXYou demand someone pick you.
/militaryXA military salute
/montyXYou think Camelot is a silly place
/noXShake your head
/pointXPoints to something in front of you
/ponderXFor when you just want to go "hmmmm..."
/presentXTo present someone with something
/raiseXRaise your hand, as in volunteering
/roflXYou roll on the floor laughing.
/rudeXMakes a rude gesture
/saluteXMakes a stiff salute
/shiverXYou shiver.
/shrugXShrug your shoulders
/slapXSlap someone
/slitXLet your enemy know you mean business. Makes a slitting throat gesture.
/smileXSmile at someone.
/staggerXYou stagger about.
/startledXYou jump around, looking left and right
/stenchXYou wave away the local stench.
/surrenderXI give up!
/sweatXYou break into a sweat.
/talkXYou gesture hoping someone will listen
/tauntXA very mean gesture when you really want to irritate the enemy
/victoryXMake a victory cheer
/waveXMakes a waving gesture
/worshipXworship everything and nothing
/yawnXYou Yawn.
/yesXNod your head

/arenaXCommands used for arena events
    /arena readyXReady up in preparation phase, must be used by group leader
    /arena unregisterXUnregister to avoid getting into new fights
    /arena autoqueueXEnables automatically queueing again after a tournament is over. If you don't use this command, you have to register again after a tournament is over.
    /arena queuedXShows the arena queue
    /arena currentXInfos about the current tournaments
    /arena infoXShows arena instruction text
    /arena listXList registered teams (8man only feature)
    /arena list classesXlists all groups by classes (8man only feature)
/autogroupXToggles automatically building groups for certain events on/off
/eventXCommands usable in specific events
    /event countXThe count of characters in each level bracket of the event
    /event petXUsable by classes that can charm pets to summon a pet in a pvp event zone. The pet must still be charmed after summoning.
    /event rrXEvent RR Cap info
/groupfinderXAutomatically build groups for certain events
    /groupfinder lfgXSet yourself (or your group) as looking for group
    /groupfinder listXShow character classes looking for group in your level range
    /groupfinder readyXReady up after a match has been found

Fighting / Defensive Actions
/assistXAssist the target in battle
/bufforderXChanges the order spell effects display on a character. First/last, Last/First. This is a Toggle.
/cancelstyleXToggles the feature that allows one to cancel their styles by executing them a second time
/challengeXToggles challenge mode for PvE groups, making mobs faster, hit harder, have a crit chance, and have reduced cc ability. The rewards are better drops and xp.
/faceX Faces the target
/faceloc [x] [y]XTurns and faces your character into the direction of the x, y coordinates provided
/groundassistXThis command is disabled on Phoenix
/groundset [unit amount]XSet a ground target a set number of units in front of the player.
/stickXSticks to the target; Same as /follow, but you remain much closer and the range at which you get "too far away" and break loose is smaller
/styleX[name] Allows you to do a combat style as a slash command. /style Ruby Slash, etc.

Game Settings and Preferences
/anonymous (or /anon)XMake your character anonymous on the /who listings
/chatlog [filename]XOpens up a chatlog to the specified filename instead of "chat.log" The extension ".log" is automatically added to the filename specified.
/clientsleep background | minimized | noneXSets the client to go into "sleep mode" and use less processor power on one's computer. You can adjust these settings from the options menu as well.
/clockXToggles the display of a new window that shows the current time of day (real time, not game time)
/colornamesXTurns on the new name coloring features that make it easier to distinguish certain NPCs from others
/combatinfoXToggle output of combat information
/effects self | group | all | noneXToggle spell effects to show one's spell effects only, all, your group's, or none at all. The self and group options do not work on Phoenix.
/filterXToggles the chat curse filter
/hidegravesXHides all gravestones except for your own
/hidenames players | monsters | self | graves | allXHide names of the specified objects (players, monsters, one's self, graves, or all objects)
/keyboardXOpens a window with the current keyboard configuration
/noqueueXToggles the spell queuing system on and off
/oldnamecolorsXTurns off the new colored name feature and returns to the original release name coloring
/quickbar Qbar# 1/0XToggle quickbars when using multiple quickbars as introduced in 1.75. For example, to enable quickbar 2, use /quickbar 2 1.
/resetcameraXResets the default camera settings
/scrollchatXToggles the Chat Buffer scrolling. If it is toggled on, messages in your visible chat buffer will disappear after 90 seconds - but you will still be able to view old messages by scrolling back in the chat buffer.
/setcameraXSaves your default camera settings
/setwho class | tradeXSets how the player wishes to be displayed on a /who inquery. Class displays the character's class and level. Trade displays the tradeskill type and level of the character.
/shownames self | players | monsters | gravestones | groupmates | guildmates | enemiesXShows names of the specified objects (players, monsters, one's self, graves, or all objects)
/sshot [preferred basename of screenshot files]XWill take a screenshot and apply the specified image name as the base filename for screenshots taken after issuing this command. So executing "/sshot Raid" will name screenshots taken after as Raid-01.jpg, Raid-02.jpg, etc.
/xpinfo [on|off]XToggle output of xp bonuses

Getting Help
/appealXGives you the status of your appeal, unless it was a bug report, in which case an autoreply email will be sent to you
/appeal [text]XMake an appeal to customer service; be sure to choose the proper category from the pop up menu
/cancelappealXCancels your pending /appeal
/helpXDisplays the help window

/autosplitXDisabled on Phoenix
/disbandXDisband from the group
/groupsortXSort players in the group by classes
    /groupsort manual classnames (up to 8)XSorts the group in the order of classes entered
      Example: /groupsort manual bard druid druid warden
    /groupsort switch # #XSwitches two group members
/invite [playername]XInvites a player to join your group. If no name is specified, it invites the currently targeted player. [PH: Works with partial names]
/joinXAccept a Group Invite
/makeleaderXWhen used by a group leader, this command will make the named player (/makeleader 'playername' or the current targeted group member the new leader of the group.

Guild Commands
/gc acceptXAccepts a guild invitation
/gc allianceXLists the alliance the guild is currently a part of
/gc autoremove account [accountname]XGuild leader command only; Removes all players from the guild whether or not he is online at the time from the specified account name
/gc autoremove [playername]XGuild leader command only; Removes a specified player from the guild whether or not he is online at the time
/gc cancelXCancels an invitation to join the guild
/gc claimXRanking guild member (with claiming permissions) in a group filled with all guild members may claim a keep in the name of the guild
/gc declineXDeclines a guild invitation
/gc demote [#]XDemotes the target to the specified rank number
/gc deposit [copper|money text]XAllows players to make a deposit to their guild's bank. Amount must be in copper (e.g. 250000) or money text (eg. 50g50s).
/gc editXLists editable pieces of the guild structure; To edit them, type /gc edit [editable section name].
/gc edit[ranknum] alli [y/n]XAbility for the guild leader to allow a rank to enter/leave alliances (create a diplomatic officer)
/gc edit[ranknum] motdedit [y/n]XAbility for the guild leader to allow a rank to edit the guild motd
/gc emblemXSets the guild's emblem
/gc formXForms the guild (4 people required)
/gc infoXReturns a list of guild information
/gc invite [playername]XInvites the specified player to join the guild
/gc loginsXToggles a flag on your character which will send a text message informing you of whenever a member of your guild (who isn't anon) logs on or off
/gc motdXLists the message of the day
/gc motd [text]XSets the message of the day with the designated te
/gc note {member} {note}XSets a note for the online character
/gc noteselfXSets a note for the currently logged character
/gc omotdXLists the officer guild message of the day (if one is an officer)
/gc omotd [text]XSets the officer message of the day with the designated text
/gc promote [playername] [rank#]XPromotes the specified player to the specified rank number
/gc quitXRemoves oneself from the guild
/gc ranksXLists the ranks in the guild. Leaders may also change these ranks with this command.
/gc releaseXRanking guild member (with releasing permissions) can release a claimed guild keep
/gc removeXRemoves target from the guild
/gc removeaccountXRemoves all characters associated with the same account as the target character.
/gc whoXLists all of the players in the guild who are currently logged on
/gc withdraw [copper|money text]XAllows players to remove from their guild's bank. Amount must be in copper (e.g. 250000) or money text (eg. 50g50s).
/guildcommand (or /gc)XLists all of the available guild commands

Horse Commands
/dismount or /mountXWill remove you from your horse. Also works on seige equipment and the Hourse-Route horses.
/horse courbetteXThe horse performs a courbette
/horse grazeXThe horse grazes
/horse haltXThe rider signals everyone to stop
/horse nodXThe horse nods its head and paws the ground
/horse petXThe rider pets their horse
/horse rearXThe horse rears up
/horse startleXThe horse becomes startled
/horse trickXThe rider performs a trick on horseback
/horseappearanceXAllows you to change, preview, and buy horse models, horse bardings and their colors as well as saddles / armor and their color
    /horseappearance horseXInformation on how to change, preview and buy horse models
    /horseappearance bardingXInformation on how to change, preview, and buy horse barding
    /horseappearance saddleXInformation on how to change, preview, and buy horse saddles
    /horseappearance saddlecolorXInformation on how to change the color of your horse saddle / armor
/namemountXNames your horse (only you can see the name) [Horse names are not visible on Phoenix]
/summon or /summonmountXSummons your horse to you

Housing Commands
/boot [playername]XKicks a player out of your house
/bountyrent [personal | guild] [amount]XThis will allow players to directly pay for their house rent with bounty points, rather than purchasing tokens which may not be correct in value.
/houseXDelves the target house.
/houseface [guildname | lot number]XPoints to the specified guildhouse of the guild noted, or the lot number noted in the command. /houseface alone will point to one's personal home.
/housefriend allXAllows everyone to enter the home
/housefriend [player | guild | guildlevel] [Player's or Guild Rank's Name]XAdds a player, guild, or guildlevel to your house friends list.
/househelpXBrings up the housing manual in-game
/housingXHousing QoL Commands
    /housing empty {page}XList empty houses, 50 per page
    /housing zonesXList housing zones with first and last house number and market names
    /housing zones {house number}XShow housing zone and market name for the given house number
/houseloc [lot number]XWhen in the same region as a given lot, /houseloc (lot number) will tell you the owner's name, the zone name, and the x and y coordinates within that zone.
/listmerchantXMerchants are automatically listed on Phoenix, so this command does nothing
/payrentXLets you pay rent without having to visit the houses
    /payrent {realm|all} {personal|guild|all} {money text|max}
      examples: /payrent all all max: pays rent for all your houses in all 3 realms as well as each house owned by a guild any of your characters are rank 0 to the maximum possible amount (4 weeks)
      /payrent all guild 50g: pays up to 50g into each house owned by a guild any of your characters are a member of with rent payment permission
      /payrent albion personal 1p: pays up to 1p into your personal house in albion as well as any guild houses where any of your alb characters are rank 0
/settleXConsignment merchants do not maintain a separate bank, so this command does nothing on Phoenix
/house fixemblemsXCorrects display issues of emblems at your house

More Information
/accountbalance (alt. /ac)XYour account balance
    /accountbalance currentXShows your current balance in all 3 realms
    /accountbalance changesXShows income and expenses for your current realm since the last reset (or server restart)
    /accountbalance resetXResets the income and expense tracking to 0 for your current realm
/bonusesXDisplays the bonuses window
/directionXReturns the character's directional positioning
/friendsXLists friends currently online
/frontierXInformation about the frontier and active realm objectives
/ignoreXLists people currently on your ignore list
/locXReports the character's current location
/playedXReports the total played time of the currently logged-in character
/realmXOpens the realm status window detailing the ownership of keeps
/relicXOpens the realm status window detailing the ownership of relics
/rvrscoreXshows the current realm rvr score
/serverinfoXProvides a list of players in each realm, and the classes they are playing. Also provides intel on whether these enemies are in the frontier zones or not. [PH: Also shows server uptime]
/servernewsXdisplays the recent patch notes
/taskXReturns the current task's information
    /task realmXStatus for realm-wide tasks and their progress
    /task personalXStatus for personal tasks
/timeXReports the current in-game tim0e
/timerXdisplays the remaining time (if any) on your realm timer and which realm you are currently locked to
/underpop (or /u)XDisplay Underpopulation bonus
/webappXWeb Commands
    /webapp pinXGenerate a pin to use with
/where [NPC Name]XLocates NPCs, not players, and only with a guard/sentinal type targeted
/who [playername] | [class] | [# level] | [location] | [##] [##] level range | CG | BGXReports the names of specified players in the given search field (players, class, level, location, or level range.

PvP Server-Specific Commands
/fairfightXFair fight command
    /fairfight toggleXGet listed as looking for fair fights
    /fairfight listXShow small man / solos with enabled fair fight mode
/gvgXGroup vs Group command
    /gvg toggleXEnable / Disable gvg mode for your group
    /gvg listXShow groups with enabled gvg mode
    /gvg list classesXShow groups by class with enabled gvg mode
    /gvg cleanfight {enemy group member name}XMake or confirm a clean fight claim
/tagXTag solos and smallmen groups
    Use this command while in a full group and while targeting a solo / small man and let them live to receive a rp bonus on future kills when they are killed by someone else
    Use without a target to show the accumulated kills that will grant the rp bonus

Quest Actions
/interactXRight click on a quest item, then type the command.
/journalXDisplays the quest journal window

Raid Commands (Restricted usage: For PvE Raid Use Only!)
/bg loot chest enableXActivates the loot chest mode (required for the next commands)
/bg loot chest spawnXWill spawn/despawn the chest (“Chester” NPC); all BG members can look at the gathered items
/bg loot chest grantXGrant the targeted BG member the permission to remove 1 item from the loot chest (BG leader can take without that command)
/bg loot chest distributeXWill split all gathered BG coin evenly between all members
/bg loot chest withdrawXTake out all money and give it to the BG leader only

Re: Slash Commands [general]

/eventXCommands usable in specific events
    /event countXThe count of characters in each level bracket of the event
    /event rrXEvent rr cap info
    /event petXUsable by classes that can charm pets to summon a pet in a pvp event zone. The pet must still be charmed after summoning.
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Re: Slash Commands [general]

romulus wrote:
Tue 18 May 2021 5:21 PM
/eventXCommands usable in specific events
    /event countXThe count of characters in each level bracket of the event
    /event rrXEvent rr cap info
    /event petXUsable by classes that can charm pets to summon a pet in a pvp event zone. The pet must still be charmed after summoning.