Re: Gawaine roll call?

Meddyck wrote:
Wed 13 Feb 2019 2:28 PM
I played on Gawaine a little bit. My main characters there that people might remember are Meddyck (R11 cleric), Alysson (R11 minstrel), and Garfield (R6 scout). I was GM of the guild Unity. In later years I was also GM of the guild Solar Invictus on Merlin/Killibury/Ywain with main characters Meddyck (R11 druid) and Alyssen (R9 eldritch).

Right now I'm very casually playing on Alb on Phoenix. My highest char is a 17 fire wizard. Even with the custom changes here the PvE grind is pretty damn boring. It's doubtful I'll level past Caledonia, but you never know. Still it's been moderately fun reliving old hunting grounds and there's nothing much else out there I feel motivated to play on the MMO scene while I endlessly wait for Camelot Unchained to get done.

I think everyone from that era remembers Meddyck, Sabien, Rackir, VanishCity.. I know they weren’t all same realm, but top tier in their respective classes.

I ran with Shadows of Death for the most part - all stealthier guild which was basically 4 RL friends;
Shaddowstalker - inf
Stringem - minst
Toxicshadow - inf
Niight - scout

Re: Gawaine roll call?

Solisan here. I was never very good but I loved the game and the Gawaine community. Rolled with Valdari (Bob, Danthor, Nerfherder, Reflex, +others) and Piracy with Lexi.

Re: Gawaine roll call?

I played Alb Gawaine until Classic servers came out. I was Fardorg (Necro), Grodraf (Inf) and many others. I was in Northwind Highlanders the entire time I was on Gawine. I remember VNCing into my system at home, while working night shift, to be able to summon wood and upgrade keep doors to get our keep to level 10. I miss OF and the times of old.

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