Re: Percival roll call.

Emeryc and Inactas! You guys were the best rivals a guy could have ever asked for! Why would I roll Hib when I'm instantly guaranteed to have strong and respectful folks to fight against?!

I did end up playing a Ranger on Hib/Perc briefly towards my end of playing there. Later I played a Ranger on the Classic cluster for a while.

I'll likely end up playing a solo (and sometimes duo) visible this time around but you'll definitely see me out there and I look forward to fighting against (and probably sometimes with) you fine folks and being able to have civil dialogue about it just like the glory days of Percival.

I really couldn't be happier to know you're both going to be here!

The life of a solo player, your best friends in the game end up including your most respected adversaries.

I'm in the discord as Huzke. Hit me up any time!

Re: Percival roll call.

Caridry - Mercenary 8L0 Ran with Riztal and crew. Good to see all these old faces.
Tetrahydro - Bard <Straight Up> Guild Leader
Terrifolds - Mentalist <D Generation X>
Stephony - Warden <D Generation X>

Karidry Mozvaldibach - Cleric
Caridry Mozvaldibach - Mercenary
Bohemian Rhapsody - Wizard
<Tummi Gunz>

Re: Percival roll call.

Wynd and Emeryc!!! Names from way back. I was Dridlyn the bard with Actus Reus as well as Aydien the Luri Champion in Eternal Destiny and Zesryn the nightshade. Played with both of yall and the names you guys mentioned are awesome. Tokkie and Blarney were pretty great inspirations for me when I was 15 years younger haha. Awesome to play with you again. Wynd hit me up I'll be Zesryth at launch in a few hours.

Re: Percival roll call.

Olerris/Oleris/Asasu/Galach etc here from Alb. The good old VN boards days. My buddy Rarcyn will be playing here as well.

Miss playing the old days with Riztal and others.

Re: Percival roll call.

Hey Zesryn - we chatted in game and it was great to hear from you. Eternal Destiny!

Olerris - my god I remember you from VN and from Riztal's group. Those were good old days of RvR.

Re: Percival roll call.

Was in a Midgard guild called Hrafnin Flygur (Swedes/Norwegians mostly) on Percival back then.
As a dwarf RM called Svartskjegg.Had some fun going out with Galroths zergs in the mornings before work sometimes.
Snapp was always bugging us to go relic Raiding :p

Now,Albion,as Adeltrudis, a theurgist which I really think is my favorite class in DAoC.

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