Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

I don't mind a fresh start in 6 months, a year's time. When/if the team are ready. Phoenix has some great features and some good ideas. Just the day to day stuff, crafting, acceptability to gear. It would be nice if they came back with some focus on BG RvR for the meat of the server, something other than just bashing doors. Have a zone for 8v8 and perhaps one for solo. There are several zones that might be suitable, some dungeon zones for solo, labby, darkness rising areas etc and some of the outdoor TOA zones for 8v8. Maybe even utilise the entire TOA zone for a kind of Camlan area, with your phased mob level function built in.

Events were a good idea, but perhaps more spaced out and more varied. Some sort of 3 realm co-op event would be great for overall server community.

An idea I had to try and promote non-toxic gameplay (it's not really toxic) would be to give weekly rewards for solo kills, the taking of keeps, 8v8 fights etc, all things equal, 1 token for each. Those tokens can be spent on extra cosmetics, MP item charge tools, access to tinctures that would ordinarily only be found on epic items, or even buff pots, RP pots etc.
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Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

Even if my realm pride was not possible and it was eventually ridiculed, I'd like to thank the staff of this server which has been one of the most successful and QOL-friendly since many years (and as one of the earlier programmers of DOL project I played many shards along the years). Above all I'd like to thank this server for the chance to meet and forge relationships with awesome people like the ones I'm still currently in contact and with whom I'll start new adventures in the years to come.

See you later on your next projects, just let us know when it'll be the time.
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Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

OMG the best Daoc server ever stops. I m condemned to sit next to my wife on the couch every evening ;-(

I really gonna miss Phoenix, loved the setup - the ideas -the improvements to make a 20 years game still up to date

Thanks to all Devs, for the great work on this server and to keep the best game over the last 20 years alive and kicking.

Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

I haven't played here in a while now but I definitely enjoyed my time on Phoenix last year. Hats off to the devs for putting in the effort to make a fun and stable server, even on a patch setting I personally don't care for. I'm looking forward to another great server by you in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

Regarding other players sentiments on freeshard life cycles...that's how it goes. Freeshard developers have no obligation to maintain a server. We, the players, are extremely lucky that there are people willing to donate their time and money to provide us with a place where we want to play, for free. If DAoC players truly desired protection of their progression, then they would be on the Live server where the developers are obligated to keep the game running as they are being paid to do so. Yet, Live remains sparsely populated because how a server is managed/developed heavily outweighs progression security. We all made that choice, whether consciously or not. You only wasted your time playing if you didn't enjoy it.

I'm personally okay with freeshard life cycles as it keeps DAoC from becoming stale, so long as the next server is different in some aspect(s) than its predecessors. I will definitely be jumping on the bandwagon for the upcoming shard. DAoC is a game that thrives on a large concurrent population but always fails to maintain it for a variety of reasons. However, fresh starts continue to bring in the most players and seems to be a good approach to keep the game itself alive into the future.

Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

I would like to thank all the staff that took their time to make this server possible. It's a 20 year old game that truly has a predictable life cycle (as stated in the original post) and they are correct to take it offline and preserve the phoenix name until a later date they decide to carry on another project.

The staff here has listened to the player base as much as they can and has given reasons as to the changes made when they have made them. You can't make everyone happy, especially the trolls.

Thank you all for the great time. Thank you to the player base also. I doubt I'm going to the new shard. I will probably be casually playing live until something else catches my eye.

Signing out.
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Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

I think this is a way where they can do a reset and not have everyone rage quit. It will not have the same negative stigma on the brand.

It’s a shame though as some’s playstyle take long times to catch up to those that progress many times faster.

If the server ever opens as a restart, I think it would be great to have Level Playing Field Event within first week so everyone can get to end game quickly.

Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

Truly bummed about this. I've had a great time playing on your server, and would have continued to play for years. Sad to see it go, but I suppose the reasons are valid. I'll miss it while you revamp and redirect. That said, when we return, will our toons still be viable as they are, or will we have to start over again? What will happen to our houses/equipment in vaults? Will they disappear, or be held for us until the Phoenix rises again? Because when it does come back, I hope you know that I'll be returning to run around Mid-side again.

Thank you, again, you guys have been great.
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Re: The Sky Is Really Falling This Time

I left at the point of the style changes. Was just too much for me.
I probably left a not so constructive moan about the changes at the time. Apologies.

But you guys did a cracking job with your comms, adjustments and work over the servers lifetime. You should be proud.

Implementing a progressive server whilst Maintaining a viable player pool is a fine line to walk... may even be impossible to do in reality. You guys certainly got a lot right and came very close.

Thanks to Uth and Gru & the others who made the world run well.

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