Haven't played in a while. Leveling tips?

Hey all, I haven't played in a while, so I decided to make a 2nd necro for Deathsight. Leveling feels a bit slower than when I originally started, so was curious as to how people tend to level now? I keep hearing about DS, but honestly I've never been in it. Is it something that scales to level? I'm planning on making this toon plus 1 or 2 RvR toons, so any leveling advice would be awesome.

Re: Haven't played in a while. Leveling tips?

DS or Darkspire is an instanced PvE dungeon for level 50, and a great way to make some money and have some PvE challenge.

Some tips for leveling would be to go after some of the task mobs that give extra exp. By typing /task realm, you can see a list of what mobs give what percentage of bonus. A good idea would be to try to kill these mobs in one area like a classic zone, get as many task credits as you can and move on to another area like (si) and kill another type of monster that is also on that list. Maximizing your task credits is good for quick exp.

Bonus if you go after monsters that give Exp items, you can turn in as many of these items you want per level as long as it is within the level range. The drop rate is rather low so I wouldn't make this your primary focus.

If you kill in RvR you get a 50% or 30% (I forget how much exactly) exp bonus and Albion soils which can be turned into an NPC at the FS docks or the Beno Docks for some extra exp. After 35 turning in these soils will give you credit for the realm task which is about a bubble to half a bubble every turn in and some extra realm points.

Also try joining a leveling group, Exp gain is far quicker while in a group, as a necro you get the best of both worlds, you can join a Melee group as Death site and armor factor debuff the monsters to make for very quick kills. Alternatively, you can go Death Servant and join a PBAOE bomb group.

If you have any other questions feel free to respond here or send a /tell to Manobrown in game.

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I appreciate it. I already have a level 50 pbaoe necro, No way I could afford a respec, so it's the reason i wanted to make another with deathsight. One for cash gain, other for massive single target dps, maybe usable in RvR, dunno.

I may try out ds if it's possible to solo some of it with the pbaoe necro for cash.

Re: Haven't played in a while. Leveling tips?

I solo'd an NS to 41 before i lucked out with groups. It wasn't too bad honestly.

Since you already have a necro, i would just say make sure to buy the buff pots / endo / power regen... plus tinders help a lot too.

If you use all those you should be able to chain yellows/org pretty easily and also take on some reds. That was my exp with an NS.

Also, i pretty much just followed the collection tasks for the realm. Kill stuff on the lower end of the range for the most xp per turn-in.
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