Re: Happy 1 year Birthday Phoenix

What a year my dear Phoenix Team!

You have achieved unparalleled success!
The most successful freeshard server ever, even Uthgard's stunning numbers and brilliant work got toppled.
"Broadsword" and the official daoc servers really got existentially tested.

What more could one hope for, when undertaking such an ambitious hard work?
You did it!
You really deserve the highest praise for your utterly intelligent and hard, hard work.

Congratulations sincerely and from the heart!

Re: Happy 1 year Birthday Phoenix

Great work Phoenix team! My play time is sporadic but you've kept me coming back to an ancient game for over a year now. Heres to another year and more!
Zerzan Rewild - 4l8 VW
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Bookchin BatBoy - 4l7 Skald

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