Help with account email confirmation

Hi. My daughter who has Moonkat on albion and Hazelnutt on mid is trying to confirm through her email to log in but the email is not showing up. could you please just confirm that this is going to the correct email address. the 3rd letter on the adress should be the letter i. possible to let me know if this is correct?

Re: Help with account email confirmation

No one ever messaged me back and haven't seen cooky anywhere. If you copy the crossed out link from the recent authentication email and paste it, it works multiple times. There's your fix unless you can't even get the email sent. Took 8 hrs give or take a little and i had the email.

Re: Help with account email confirmation

If you're using, the way they screen emails (something ironically called "SmartScreen" ) often erroneously classifies emails as spam when they shouldn't be. Perhaps this is what's happening?

I've checked the email confirmation emails and does use a SPF record and DKIM which are both good, secure technologies for email, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Your best bet is to contact your email provider and ask them why these emails are being classified as spam.