1 ACC – 2 Diffrent Computers – infinity different locations / IPs – Account sharing?

Dear Team,
1st I was not sure if the “support center” forum or the “ask the team” forum is the right one for me question, so please apologize in case I posted my questions in the wrong section.
I have 2 major questions for playing in future DAOC.

1st Can I play on 2 different devices (Laptop an PC), with the same DAOC account, in the same houshold, without getting banned?
According my investigations in this forum and the below blue post it should not be a problem, could you please confirm.

2nd When the corona restrictions will end, i will travel a again a lot, therefore I would be with my Laptop (same device as above) on different locations worldwide with different IPs which will change worst case daily, will I get banned for this due to the account sharing mechanism?

In both cases its only myself which would play, there is no second person, both devices are mine and will only log my only account.
In case one of the above behaviors would lead into an account ban, please let me know if there is any chance to avoid this, otherwise I would be sadly forced to stop playing on the great server and participating this community.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Kind regards Fiex

Re: 1 ACC – 2 Diffrent Computers – infinity different locations / IPs – Account sharing?

I play Phoenix on two computers in my house. I have a laptop upstairs and a desktop downstairs. I have never had a problem going back and forth, even in the same day. I had to verify both a month or so ago, via email, and it's never been a problem.

On your second point, I have traveled with my laptop and played Phoenix just fine (same laptop as described above). Mostly from US to Europe, and it's never been a problem. My last trip to Germany was in late February, where I played daily, then returned to the US and played the next day and it was fine.

Hope that helps.
(Drunk AF) Mshagb/Tryps/Eyre/Eeire/Espeed/Wednesdai