Re: 2021-07-09 Friday

I haven’t been playing too much lately, but I’ve had a few 1v1s and 2vXs on my low rank Friar and it still seems pretty viable. Evade stun gives you time to get two styles off so you can do the follow up proc and then start your back chain. This is great damage and huge healing on a 25 sec stun timer that can be extended and then reset with a 5 point/10m CD RA.

Having a side snare gives you what is essentially an anytime style to kite out some of the heavier melee classes that are a tougher matchup in straight up melee.

Ultimately, the changes suit the class archetype a lot better than the previous iteration. Even if the damage potential is a good deal lower than a few weeks ago, it is still stronger and far more interesting than the original staff line.

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