Re: 2021-03-31 Wednesday

ExcretusMaximus wrote:
Fri 2 Apr 2021 6:10 PM
DegoLocc wrote:
Fri 2 Apr 2021 5:42 PM
And from were I am sitting, fact is that this change to loot drops is an unfortunate and costly one for those of us who salvage and don't wear armor

It's an approximate 72 silver difference, quit acting like it's the end of the world, Chicken Little.
I mean, you can make a point without name calling....

I will test that out tonight, but it sure seemed like a lot less of a profit from silk than the arcanite metal bars into gem boxes, vs buying the thread and making the silk into scarfs or pillows..

Also almost one gold per piece does add up. Thats almost 1 plat per 1000 things I tinker. And it takes longer to buy extra materials and it also takes longer to craft cloth things vs. the gem boxes from the metal... So yeah, regardless, its more costly, no matter the severity, costs more money and time to deal with cloth then metal.

And I just don't see the need or reason for the change... I'm sure its something over my head of course.

EDIT: Seen that I can be in a BG while in a group with no one else from BG and still get old loot, cool.

Re: 2021-03-31 Wednesday

I m begging too to being able to personal disable this.

You argue all day with ppl that thing a bg steals them items, i dont want this really. But i also dont wanna get loot on a toon i already templated, cause i m farming for other toons. Its making ppl leaving groups and argueing, cause some want the bg, some dont understand what the bg does and its horrible atm to try to farm something...

Please make it possible that one person can disable it just itself, so you dont need to have this trouble and you just can play, thank you.

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