The Defense Of Demon's Breach - reforged

Do you hear the cracking and this hammering sound? The gates wont hold the monsters back for much longer. They are going to open again. Hordes of monsters will try to invade our beloved land. To the battle! Defend Demon's Breach or we will be lost!

Waves of mobs coming at you! - again
The upcoming weekend Friday, July 3rd to Sunday, July 5th, we will have another event in Demon's Breach. Like last time you will have the possibility to build groups with players from all three realms. It is meant to be for players from level 1 to 49 as the “only” reward is XP which will be extremely good in there. The map will be instanced which will allow unlimited groups to attend the event.

The event will be held on the map of Demon’s Breach and you will be able to use the group finder. There will be some differences compared to the last event in there. During this week we will announce further details about premades, group requirements and other changes. Although the main thing will remain the same which is that it will be instanced and that there will be waves of monsters, which will be more with each new wave.

So stay tuned for more infos and prepare your low level toons for the battle.
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Re: The Defense Of Demon's Breach - reforged


- some mobs now cast prevent flight
- waves:
1st: 2 mobs
2nd: 2 mobs, stronger than mobs in wave 1
3rd: 2 mobs, stronger than mobs in wave 2
4th: 3 mobs (same strength as mobs from wave 1)
5th: 3 mobs, stronger than mobs in wave 4
6th: 3 mobs, stronger than mobs in wave 5
and so on ...
- mobs dont return to their spawn after getting mezzed and amnesia


/groupfinder lfg -> set yourself or your group as lfg
/groupfinder list -> show caracter classes looking for group in your level range
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Re: The Defense Of Demon's Breach - reforged

The settings for the groupfinder currently are:
2 supporter, one has to be a primary healer
2 melee dds
2 ranged dds

At most 4 supporter
At most 2 pbae caster

There will be a major change how the groupfinder in general works to avoid some issues:
- once a group has been built everyone in the soon to be group has to do /groupfinder ready, only if everyone readied up within 60 seconds does the group happen, if it doesn't happen all lfg entries (solos or premades if we allow them) that didn't ready up will be removed from the lfg list, those that did ready up will remain at their previous (most likely top most) position in the lfg list.
Planned, might appear over the weekend:
- lfg groups will become a bit special and prevent you from removing people or inviting new people
- filling up running groups via the groupfinder when someone had ld / left
- a mechanism to vote to kick afk people

For the next test (and the actual event) there will also be the limit of 2 primary healers to not end up with a group having 3 and another not being possible due to there being no more primary healers. Further, there will be an attempt to build a group first with only one primary healer and only one other support and only if that fails is the restriction lifted a bit. And finally, there will be a preference for non assassin/archer classes to fill the dd spots.

Re: The Defense Of Demon's Breach - reforged

How to play at the event:

1. Click any teleporter and select <event>
2. In the event zone type /groupfinder lfg. This will set yourself as looking for group
2.1 The groupfinder will start looking for a group in your level range. The level range is max 5 levels above or below your own level. If you want to check for yourself type /groupfinder list and it will show you players within your level range
3. After the groupfinder has found 8 matching players (requirements see the post above), you will get a pop up window, where you have to either click Accept or type /groupfinder ready to show that you are not afk and ready to start the instance.
4. If all 8 players readied up, they will get ported into their instance and it will start with the first wave.
4.1. If one or more players didnt readied up, they will get removed from the list. The remaining players, who readied up, will get back onto the list at position 1. As soon as 8 matching players have been found again, the next ready check will appear.

Some general infos:

1. Bring tinders. The power regen does help your support a lot and adds a noticeable amount of extra dmg to any melee class in your group.
2. Talk to your groupmates. Check your CC-possibilities. Find a MA for your group. Try to coordinate and make the best of the different skills each unique class adds to the group. As it is cross realm, the event offers many new setups to kill monsters fast and easily.
3. Depending on your class and the amount of other players in your level range, you may have to wait for some time. Support classes will have a very short queue, you should get a group within 5 mins easily while dps classes may wait up to 30 mins or more. This is not the DEVs fault, the same thing can be found in many other mmorpg's. Dont spam the chat with negativity and toxicity. Dont ruin the fun for others. Maybe switch to a class that is more needed. Use /groupfinder list to see which class is missing the most at the moment.
4. For today, we will not allow premades. Your only way to get a group is the groupfinder. During this weekend we will change this and will allow premades for some time.
5. Have fun.
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