2-months of Phoenix

Hey folks,

59 days have passed since the launch of Phoenix and it has been an amazing time for us; hopefully for you too.
The server's full of life since the beginning and the community keeps growing.

We do hit solid 3900 concurrent players on weekends, while 3000 CCU is the average peak on weekdays.
The highest peak of players logged in simultaneously was 4200 at beginning of February.

That are some great numbers there, but let's step back for a moment and review what else we got besides a raw player count.
Since launch a total of 22 patches have been rolled out, containing more than 100 changes and 300 resolved content, gameplay or technical bugs.

The biggest change to date is the overhaul of the RvR task system with 5 dedicated updates.
While we're happy with it overall, we will continue to tweak and change it, based on your feedback and our own observations.

Another big change was the addition of bonus XP based on mob types.
This change has breathed new life into many places and zones, and players have again begun searching for perfect and highly rewarding places to level up and helping their realm mates.

Speaking of help...
A lot of the things we've changed are based on the ideas of our great community.
Many of you post and discuss suggestions in the forum, help each other out and again others find old friends from their former servers.

But let's not forget the people that are helping you guys where no one else can.
On average the staff team is dealing with 61 new appeals every day, in addition to the requests on the forums and Discord server.
The majority of requests is closed within a few hours; some more complex issues might be open for a few days before they are resolved, but they will eventually.

Do not hesitate to contact us via Discord or the in-game /appeal system; our fancy team is happy to help.

We are happy about the development of the server and it's community with all the dedicated people and hope to keep it alive for a long time to come.
Thanks to all for an amazing time.
- Ashok, GM Lead