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Re: Recurrent PvP Event?

If you want/suggest another pvp event that's totally fine for me but your "argument" is imo nonsense/made up. There is already gvg list for 8mans and fairfight for solos to 5mans. 8mans sign in but stay in zerg area, smallmans don't sign in at all for fairfight. The first event (Lamfhota's Sound) wa...

Re: GVG Cleanfight - Trustbased command - Read before usage

I would like to see this command removed from the game. It has lead to 8v8ers disengaging and killing adders while they will constantly add to other smallman and solo fights. I don't like seeing these <insertbadwordhere> rewarded for this behavior. This would probably only help in some rare cases w...

Re: Potential Melee DPS Bug

Without real of the formulas used on this server I think that is indeed how all dps are supposed to be calculated on this server. If I understood it correctly, that what occured on live server as the dmg variance got a fixed vaule of 50% of the possible variance here, which would pretty much fit yo...

Re: Nerf Minstrel pets

The recent buff to pet travel and the way the devs have staffed the whole fz with ideal pet-to-go spots Could you please elaborate and clear things up? Which recent buffs you are talking about and which addiotional pets did they implemented? Afaik they nerfed some style pets (or removed them at all...

Re: Issue: Game client stuck on loading screen / "Hit ESC to exit game"

Yes, downgrade should fix it. At least it is the issue people expierenced the most in last weeks. ... 26&t=11869

If you still have some issues, you can check support channel in phoenix discord for (usually) fast responses/help too.

Re: Bonedancers

Does not help you with your specific question about darkness pets but I think sup/BA spec outweigh other specs for leveling purposes. Keep in mind that you can respec as much you want (24 hours per lvl) so just try it out. :)

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