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Re: Euro question

I'm not used to Paypal or Euro either but what i "guess" is "00,25 Euro" means "0 Euro 25 cents".
I think I saw some European countries use comma instead of period for decimal point.
Not perfectly sure if this is the same case though. =P

Re: NS...Mastery of Focus?

I used to have MoF1 on my NS long time ago, but I dropped it cuz it rather made me confused. Maybe it's just me, but i find determining whether poison/proc resisted or not, only by watching graphics, pretty tough. So, I try to look at the resist rate from the combat log to see which one resisted. Ba...

Re: Hero CS spec input

If you are not going to take 39 blades, there is no reason not to go 50 shield. Side snare follow-up can be pretty good in theory, but you won't be using it in reality. I suggest 2 options for CS hero. 1. 50CS 42shield 39blades 6parry 39blades offers you pretty nice anytime chain with 30% de-haste. ...

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