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Re: Someone help please...

And just some random side advice: don't give random people remote access to your computer, and especially don't advertise that you are looking for someone to do that

That's just begging to be scammed or otherwise taken advantage off

Re: No add 8vs8

[...] I agree i general, but i disagree on the complete freedom of playing how you want. There is a reason why griefplaying-rules exist. Because simply letting people do what they want always leads to some people "wanting to destroy the fun of others". Imo, an 8man pulling off of a fight to let the...

Re: Autotrain

ja, alle autotrain-klassen kreigen die punkte automatisch. Kannst also einfach loslegen/losspeccen und dennoch die autotrain punkte in deinem finalspecc einplanen

Kannst auch respeccen wie du möchtest

Re: Nerf Minstrel pets

My crit shots with a 5.5speed MP bow, 35+16bow spec, 350dex, and the correct arrow vs target armor hit for 550-650 tops. Immediately follow with a single RF shot which hits for under 200. Both land within a second. Poof, magic muh 2000 DPS! Like how you conveniently ignored the fact that Minstrel D...

Re: Fairfight etiquette between smallmens...what are your interpretations/opinions?

yeah, definitely. I agree I don't want to create some ruleset. I was just wondering how others see it, in regards to the scenarios i discribed or maybe also their own scenarios. No agenda behind it, just looking for a general chat about the topic (and as a sideeffect maybe raising awareness about th...

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