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Re: Respec System

Zitat Wiki:
– Unlimited free realm, single and full respecs before level 50 and RR3.
– Hitting level 50 or RR3 will remove the perk of free respecs
– Players will receive one full respec and two realm ability respecs for free at level 50."

Re: Minstrel Spec Questions

You want max on Musik Skill to handle highest Pet and have good mezz, instant shouts, stun. You will need some weapon skill. at least 29 will be nice, there is a mighty style with very high to hit bonus and style damage. If you want climb walls, you go for 25 stealth. If you want play more with stea...

Re: Theurgist RvR Questions

My favorite skill on Life was 50 Ice/ 20 Earth. 1. Best and quick (2.5 sek base cast time) AE Root, lasts 1Min 13 Sek. after that the sorc can mezz again. Lvl 49 cast, so, very seldom resists. 2. Lvl 50 base nuke with no variance. Seldom resists 3. Lvl 50 Spec nuke with 35% Snare for 30 Sec, 179 del...

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