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Re: Mid the server destructor

You voted for this stupid timer of 4h (1 month will be better :p) to change realm so now people go everynight where are relics and bigger zerg, and every day (1/4 day!) you could see 10 hib&alb less and 20 mids more, assume your vote and mindless :) Otherwise they would leave the game at all perhap...

Re: Changes to leveling

The changes gave a pretty big boost to grouping in general with an extra boost to make melee group leveling viable via the tinder damage add, taken to the extreme in a 3 support + 5 melee group you basically have a kill speed comparable to pbae groups. Leveling in a melee group 1 - 50 is now faster...

Re: Changes to leveling

I dont care how any Falcon play this game becouse we play a different game. There are lot of player enjoing farming, especially in Albion. I will never level one class in order to play another class. If I want play, let me say, a thane, a study carefully styles, spells, abilities of choosing class, ...

Re: Skald Temp

Playing Skald.
In Temp:
SI -Necklace
SI- Gem
TG-2H Hammer
2X Ozur's Shadow Ring
5 X MP Armor
MP Buckler
MP Pickhammer

Re: Champion Spec?

For me the champ is a failed try to make a debuffing melee class. Champ has nothing special. OK, he could be interesting for solo fights against an unbuffed enemy. So at classic server even as a super solo killer. As a group char the champ is a totally failed class. As a melee both - light melee BM ...

Re: warden 39 blade

I ve played Warden on lifeas a main toon. With TOA warden have had an unique position - he was able to spam ML-Line styles (endu drain), wich has an own weapon ability, So, not needed to skill a weapon at all. Plus twf. Plus bubble. Additional on life a warden got a shield line to skill and later on...

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