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Re: Gambling!

Lmao imagine beating a sorc to mez as a Firbolg bard because you rolled a 1000 xD

Time to try 2H sav too <3

Shaman doesn't even currently have dex in his stats, so guess it's +45 for them.

Re: Recurrent PvP Event?

If you want/suggest another pvp event that's totally fine for me but your "argument" is imo nonsense/made up. There is already gvg list for 8mans and fairfight for solos to 5mans. 8mans sign in but stay in zerg area, smallmans don't sign in at all for fairfight. The first event (Lamfhota's Sound) w...

Re: Changes to leveling

Final words, I got people to PL me since it was unimaginable for me to spend 24 hours of my life soloing a skald to 50. (we are in 2020, wake up!)

If you are not hooked up, or lucky, or not a wanted class in pve groups, you will struggle way more with the changes.

Recurrent PvP Event?

Since launch, Phoenix has lost a lot of its playerbase. While there is still good action to be had if you are into the larger scale RvR, I feel like a lot of people quit because the server didn't cater much to the portion of the players that prefer smaller scale PvP (anything ranging from duo to 8v8...

Re: Changes to leveling

Was logged in from 8PM EST to midnight, pretty much prime time. Didn't find a group in my level range. Decided to solo, did a few tasks, dropped a few xp items (gated at 1 per 2mins) and proceeded to log because it was full cancer. The thing is, when you have a family, responsabilities, hell even a ...

Re: One week long PVP event ?

Or are you talking about the even before that one?
I am, the one with varying group cap & mixed realm grps.

Friday is already the week-end !

Week-long pvp event would allow to play it on normal week nights.

About the duel event... YIKES.

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