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Re: Play the GAME

Its in mid all the time becuase all of mids daily BG leaders have either stopped playing, or moved to another realm. If you dont clearly see that then idk what else to tell you. Sure it gets pushed into alb/hib for a day. But the action is mostly in mid becuase the PvD is easier due to lack of mid BGs

Re: Make First Aide Cure Disease?

This is exactly why i recommended adding that out of combat disease cure potion. Or like the champion level disease cure. Just give something that takes like 10-15 seconds to cast to cure the disease. Think that would pretty much settle any disputes wrt 8 man fighting and disease kiting.

Re: Look at all these xrealmers!!

I dont understand how someone could find that annoying in any way. Especially how it was earlier today with the port zones for solos. If you dont like it. Dont go near it. Its a very, very small portion of the already small player base. You actually have to considerably go out of your way to even en...

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