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Re: PvP zone yes or no?

To quote Gruensschaf, "A pretty big negative of the unstructured zone was that it rather quickly devolved into exclusive duelling around the portals."

Sounds like the players behavior was the reason for the fall of the zone.

Re: NEW PVP Zone

6 kills 2 death 1h 4k LOL rly why do zergers consider 1v1 rp farming? its high risk, high effort, and now low reward do you know whats rp farming? rolling solos with zerg, no effort, no risk, high reward (considering task bonus in) only enemys today: rr9-11 skalds, champions ... nice What did you e...

Re: NEW PVP Zone

thx to all fucking zergers who destroyed a very good thing once again half the rp and no task tick in pvp zone...... its literally empty now I had a feeling this would happen after I read the forum yesterday. Smh Look at it this way. Its still probably way more than youll be making out in NF trying...

PVP Zone Days

Ill start off by saying ive been an advocate of having a solo area for a long time, and really enjoying the PVP zone. That being said, having it permanent will change the dynamic of the entire server. Theres people in there making 60k rp/hr + and is turning to be a massive RP farm. Will be a spike i...

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