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RvR is Realm v Realm not RP Farm

What happened to realm pride? What has become of the destructive unrelenting conflict between Hibernia, Midgard, and Albion? What happened to conquest and victory for your home realm? Dark Age of Camelot was a game where allegiance and community mattered. You fought and pillaged enemy realms in orde...

Re: We're Going to Atlantis!!

Truen wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:24 pm
defiasbandit wrote:
Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:56 pm
phixion wrote:
Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:42 pm
Nope, if we are this server is as good as dead. People already worked to template themselves, we don't need that shit.
It could be a customized Atlantis. This server needs more challenging PvE!
Open world RvR enabled Atlantis?
4th frontier. New task zone. I have a map I will post later.

Re: Block Rate on Bolts Broken?

I dueled my cleric friend to test damage (medium shield, no shield spec obv) and every single bolt was blocked if he faced me. Every time. 20+ times. It felt troll as fuck. Bad enough that they can miss and can't be used when someone is engaged in melee combat... Miss rate seems to be much higher t...

Block Rate on Bolts Broken?

Right now shield classes are blocking bolts at 100%+ rates. Even small shield classes? Is this a bug? I am seeing 187% block rates against targets where I am the only one attacking.

Some guy just blocked my bolt with a 553% block chance.

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